Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Almost forgot: March Miles

Bike: 142 Mi (eek!)
Run: 85.6 Mi (includes a taper week, one marathon, and one recovery week)
Swim: 6000 M (picking up!)

I'm off to a slow start. Look for that to change, as Coach Baboo gives me my miles each week. He gives me the totals, and I then divide them into 3 or 4 workouts for each spread out over the week, that I can fit into my schedule. This is pretty neat trick, because I have a night class on Mondays, I tutor on Tuesdays, and I sponsor a club after school on Thursdays.

For instance: this week, my distances are 5000 meters swim, 150 miles bike, 25 miles run. The swim this week will be divided into three workouts: 1500, 1500, 2000; the bike will be three workouts of 30 miles each and then a weekend ride of 60 miles; and the run will be two 5 mile runs, a 15 mile run this weekend, and then a 2 mile run after my long bike ride.

Tonight I went for my 5 mile run, and on the advice of my message therapist, I wore this neoprene knee strap that I bought, at all places, at WalMart. I'm amazed and happy to say that I felt not a whisper, not a hint of ITB pain. It was awesome.



  1. I am glad to hear the knee strap worked, although it will definitely give you some odd tan lines.

  2. Coach Baboo, huh? Let me know when you are done with that silly thing called a job and we can play (train) together!

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Great job keeping up with your training and your busy schedule. Summer will be a breeze!

  4. That's a good way to do it - total miles divided by available time. I might have to adopt that plan. Right now I'm on my first ever 'hours' plan it hours are very hard to come by. I'd rather make them than find them. And yes - I know it's the same thing in the end but one FEELS like I am in control and you know - I'm a control freak just like the next guy or gal.

  5. Nice workouts! And that's GREAT news to have no IT pain! Apparently, WalMart is good for something!...

  6. I really like your training method- and it sounds like it's perfect for you and your busy schedule. Keep up the good work! Great news that the knee strap helped.

  7. Interesting knee brace. I've tried the "Patt Strap" which was designed specifically for ITBS... Didn't do much for me though..



  8. good news on the ITB!

    That sounds like a very good training schedule. I might start copying it.

  9. Good news on the ITB. those are some awesome miles.


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