Wednesday, April 30, 2008


  • This weekend, I'm doing a 25-mile trail run. I've been taking it easy with the running during April to let my IT Band heal, and I believe it's nearly healed. We'll see on Saturday.
  • We are going to test to see if 17-year-old Mini-Baboo can be alone for 48 hours. I'm trying not to visualize any of the scenes from, "Risky business." Mini Baboo requested Internet, basic cable, a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, lots of macaroni and cheese, and lots of sugar-free cool-aid. Then he said, "Okay, I'm set.'
  • After nearly 9 years of teaching, I'm not going back. I've been cautioned to say that I "need a break" rather than "I'm burned out." But we know the truth, don't we?
    I've got at least one interview coming up for school counselo, and a bona-fide offer from the community counseling center I've written about before.
  • I've lost 8 or 9 pounds so far with WeightWatchers. Eleanor (Which, by the way, is not her real name) brought me lots of chocolate to make amends for the file debacle, which I tossed into my filing cabinet in a panic before the message that hey, there's chocolate, and lots of it could reach my brain.
    Meanwhile, that's 8 or 9 pounds of my a$$ that I won't be hauling up and down the hills of Colorado this weekend.
  • Still very tired of the gangstas, but luckily, it's spring and most of them are blowing out at an astonishing rate--getting expelled from school and what have you. Sort of a mini-Darwinism at work.
  • I'm rediculously excited about the weekend trip to Colorado. A whole weekend around grownups is quite the treat for me! I'm going to do all the things I can't do around students: let's see, I'll cuss like a sailor and, well, that's it. cuss like a sailor. I'm less excited about the current weather near the trail run.



  1. How exciting! Have a great run and a lovely weekend

  2. Good luck with the test, that’s what insurance is for! Oh and the run also……

  3. Have a great weekend and a great run.
    It's funny- I was just thinking of finding that picture for my posdt tonight.

  4. Good luck, have fun and never, never underestimate the mind of a teenager..

  5. Enjoy your run.

    Leaving a 17yr old along for're a brave woman!!

  6. Hummm, I'm not sure I would leave my 17 year old by herself, not that I don't trust her or anything! :)

    Have a great run & don't wear blue and white:)

  7. Mini Baboo will be fine...
    Have a great time on your well-deserved trip and trail run!

  8. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Yea...he'll be fine...enjoy your trip!

    We left our two teen boys home alone when we went to Vegas and last year when I did the Elephant Man. (funny, I thought about Risky Business, too)

    That trail run sounds wonderful :)

  9. 8 or 9 pounds? What's it been, 3 weeks? That's amazing and I'm convinced to try it! (I became a lifetime member of WW back in 1992 - it was always my best fallback - but in recent years I've had trouble with it... but I'm very impressed and very motivated!

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  11. LOL! Oh I so relate! When I taught junior high my first year my mentor teacher said, "Wait until fourth quarter. All the troublemakers are suspended or expelled. It's SWEET!" so I totally feel ya!

    Have fun on your 25! I have a 22 coming up and I don't know how I'll do a 50 mile bike and a 22 mile run in the same weekend. I'm NOT training for an ironman, just a half ironman and a marathon. I suppose I'll just do the 22 on Wednesday, run home from work and then some. Yuck. I hate running home from work. Long runs are fun when you can do them somewhere cool.

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  14. It is the 25 year anniversary for Risky Business.... so says Tim Cruise on an interview.... That really can't be true - I am not that old? OK I guess I am!

    Your 17 year old will be fine. They do occassionaly suprise you on how good they are!


  15. I bet your run will be beautiful and Mini Baboo probably will be glued to the TV and computer so your house and child are safe.

    Just got three more withdrawal notices on my Bad Boy/Girl club. It was hard not to cry from the joy. Why couldn't they lock their butts up in October? Would make our lives a lot easier.

    Best of luck on your interview.

  16. That is very sweet of your sweet Eleanor to bring you something. It's the gesture that counts, right? She's retiring soon, eh? EAs really help out teachers (usually, hehe) and - maybe if you feel it's appropriate, send her off with a cute little basket or something. I'm about to embark on my teaching career... I've learned thusfar, one must always keep friends with the EA in order to keep sanity. Usually. :P


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