Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My favorite suggestions.

I got so much good information on the bike thing Although it confounds the results, I'm going to try a few things this Sunday.

A lot of people wrote to suggest a professional fit. I've actually had that done up at Colorado Multisport, but as Pirate pointed out, the fit was to maximize power, not comfort. I'm not an elite athlete. It's all about having fun for me. If I'm not comfy, I'm not having fun. So here's what I'll be trying out this Sunday:
  1. I'm changing my saddle from the sleek, carbon aero saddle to what I like to refer to as the "comfy fattass" saddle with a cutout that I mentioned in my earlier post.
  2. I'm raising my handlebars up about an inch to take the pressure off my wrists.
  3. I'm taking along a pair of dry shorts to change into around mile 45 or so. Thanks to Casey for this suggestion.

The bike should be ready for this Sunday's long ride. I'll keep ya posted.



  1. Depending on the results of Sunday consider going back and getting a refit (I don't know from Colorado Multisport, but a lot of places will give you a deal, if not waive the fee, for the refit). What you're trying to do on the bike (and the equipment you're using, I'm thinking about your seat change here) makes all the difference in the fit.

    Good luck!

  2. Comfort over speed anyday!

  3. Well, the only problem is that I don't often have time to get up to Colorado. I'm going to have something done here in town.

  4. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I had a professional bike fit done, and after a serious issue with neck pain that I didn't have before, I put it all back! Like you said, I'm not a professional athlete, so for me it is all about the fine line between comfort and fast! I choose comfort first.

    Definitley get a comfortable saddle. I still get "sores" but at least the awful bruising stopped!


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