Friday, April 25, 2008

It's all good.

I don't want you to think that all I do is complain. Top Ten Things that made this a good week:

10. I have a renewed feeling of hope from two comfortable bike rides in a row.

9. I still have the residual feeling of goodness that comes with finishing something that I've been putting off finishing.

8. I managed to dodge 8 hours of "SmartBoard" training by having a couple savvy students spend 20 minutes teaching me how to use it.

7. I have the hopeful optimism that, come August, I will not be facing a classroom full of surly teenagers. In case you're wondering, I've taught highly capable and gifted students, and they are a joy to behold, but they unfortunately have surly parents.

6. During my special class of the day today, 6 students were pulled out because they hadn't turned in their registration cards, another 4-5 to meet with counselors they weren't earning enough credit to go to the "big" high school next year, and another 5-6 students to go serve Friday school for various infractions. Some of groups overlapped. The school police officer was still pulling students out to question about the Fire Alarm incident. I was left with 5 quiet, friendly, well-behaved students at the end of the day, and when they finished their work, I let them draw pictures on the SmartBoard.

5. I was informed that yet another obnoxious student will be suspended and thus, yet another class will be taught free of interruptions.

4. I had a nice evening swim workout with Sweet Baboo, who I felt like I rarely got to see this week.

3. I found another, unexpected use for my counseling skills,: the passive, neutral face that I put on when my gang students come to class in rediculous clothes. It wasn't enough the pants so sagging that they have to hold them up with one hand to walk; today, one of them was wearing what appeared to be part of a pair of pantyhose on his head.

2. Tonight, I finished out my week with a nice, leisurely 1500 meter swim and a sweaty spin class. I practiced the modified swim stroke Sweet Baboo taught me and I feel like I use less effort to keep the same pace. I'm going to get faster. I can feel it.

And the number 1 thing:

WeightWatchers informs me that with 1 day left in my week, I have 29 binge points left to blow.



  1. sounds like a really interesting week. Far more than mine i must say. I thik I am grateful for my dull unintersting week this week. It was nice to indulge boredom for a change.
    29 points from WW...can you call up Ben and Jerry and ask for a spoon of your fave?

  2. I am especially glad about your bike solution!!Am pulling for you and the new job prospect..

  3. that's a lot of mac&cheese!

  4. All good stuff...celebrate a little with those 29 binge points!

  5. I like that cartoon, and this post! I might have to do one myself...
    Good news about the bike seat :)

  6. Patiently awaiting another post on the biking solution.

    Sounds like a wonderful week. Capped off with plenty of good treats!

  7. Binge Points?
    Who knew?

    Glad youre more comfortable on the bike! It does make it a lot easier doesnt it?


  8. Maybe Pantyhose is a big Raising Arizona buff. "Son, you got a panty on your head..."

  9. Hi there I am new to your blog, and found it through browsing. I was reading a few of your race reports, and I have a question for you. I am running my first full marathon in October... My question is this - Can you just stop at the aid tents for anything? When I did my 1/2 two years ago I was afraid to stop at the Aid tent, becuase I thought if you stopped my then they would make me stop racing. Probably a dumb question.. but I was reading your report with your son on his first race, and I was just curious how you used the aid stations to your advantage... sorry if this is a dumb question... Just wondering!

    By the way I love your blog! You have accompished so much.


  10. Dear, you can use the aid stations as your own private smorgasborg - but anyone here will tell you don't eat or drink what you haven't tested in training. Aid stations at races have anything from the basic (water) to the buffet (pretzles, potato chips, chicken broth, sports drinks, gels, coffee, coke-cola, and, unbelievably: beer and even white lightening. Use your discretion. they are NOT allowed to give you actual medical aid, like bandaids, if you ask for medical aid they have to pull you.


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