Sunday, April 27, 2008

The goal is to be completely exhausted.

Apparently, that's the goal of ironman training: exhausted, delirious, and then to let the taper do its magic. Sweet Baboo took me on a "near century" ride yesterday, and then I ran a long, slow, labored nearly 10 miles today with about 1500 feet of climbing and some sand today.
I took along the ipod so I wouldn't have to listen to myself going, "HUHuhHUHuhHUHuhHUH..."
So, I get it now: You do a long bike on Saturdays, and then run on Sundays to get used to running when you feel like $hit. There's a method to this madness.

Anyway, for yesterday's ride I was comfortable, despite the evil, spring New Mexico winds. I had , and had no lady parts pain. YAY!

This morning, I volunteered at the AtomicMan Duathlon, one of my favorites. My job was to yell out "Stay on your bike please, until you cross the mat." and then yell the number to a guy with a keypad. It went pretty smoothly except for one Ninny who had trouble understanding the phrase, "stay on your bike please, until you go over the mat."

He started to get off, and then I intoned, "stay on your bike, please, until you go over the mat. " Then a bit louder. "Stay--stay on your bike.
ON your bike.
Don't get off, stay on your bike!"
at which point he yelled back, "well, christ, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!"

But anyway. Mini-baboo got 2nd in his age group, and Sweet Baboo was head ref: black-and-white stripes and all, prompting me to whisper to him that, yes, I am attracted to men of power: just wait until we get home.

Atomicman is one of the neatest races around. It welcomes the hardy and newcomer alike, with no real cutoff. It's in the mountains near Las Alamos, and has two courses: the little boy (4k-15k-4k) and fat man (10k-25k-8k) but don't let the short distances fool you: there are some hills that will make you almost throw up, and it's at a higher altitude. Mini-baboo is pooped. At the end, though, there's good food and nice people. I've done it twice, and next year I want to do it again.

Oh, and more good news: Not a whisper or murmer from Msr. ITBand this week.

My weekly distances: 159 miles (Bike), 16 miles (Run), 3500 meters (swim)

Yeah, they're low. But believe it or not, they're higher than this time before I did Ironman LooAvul, and also, my run miles are low because I've been trying to heal Msr. ITBand. He seems to be healed now, so my run miles will take a jump this week.

For now, well, I'm just too tired to do anything but lay in bed and feel good about myself.


  1. Your bike mileage is better than mine this week- way to go!
    I am being way conservative on the run mileage also-old body, knees and plantar fascia stuff trying to raise it's ugly head again!
    (I took a LONG hard nap after our AM ride...the kind where you drool on the pillow....I love Sundays!) :-)

  2. I somehow stumbled across your blog this past Friday...I'm not even sure what I "googled" to end up on your site, but you had me at 'i was a 194-pound non-exerciser'. Throughout this weekend I have read your entire blog from 2005 to present and I have to say....YOU ROCK THE HOUSE, WOMAN!!!!! You are truly inspirational! YOU GO GEEKGRL!!!!

  3. Anonymous8:31 PM

    "So, I get it now: You do a long bike on Saturdays, and then run on Sundays to get used to running when you feel like $hit. There's a method to this madness"...I'm not even training for a full IM and I feel this! My legs were dead on today's run.

    "yes, I am attracted to men of power: just wait until we get home"...I love it!

  4. My father lives in Bosque and he's been telling me about those winds. He actually had wind damage to his roof!

    I'm going to be in NM the last two weeks of May and was hoping to find a race I could fit into my schedule. Is there a single good source of information? I'm not coming up with anything, but you race so much that I'm having trouble believing nothing is happening in New Mexico during the latter part of May!

  5. Hey there! I spent the last month reading your blog from the beginning, I was happy to finally get to the present-time!

    I am an athena, by way of two kids in two years and general laziness post childbirth. I'm training for my first triathlon right now and am so excited. It has been great reading your blog and race reports (and teacher talk-I taught for two years before deciding it isn't for me).

    I'm currently trying to find the perfect bike, it's quite the all-consuming activity!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and officially declare myself as a reader of your blog. Thanks for sharing it with us!


  6. Yep-that's pretty much it!

  7. So glad to hear your riding is more comfortable! I am thinking now that I don't ever want to go aero. LOL

    I am only training for my first Oly and I am exhausted so I can't even imagine how tired you are. Keep it up will be worth it!

  8. Good karma points for volunteering!

  9. "I'm just too tired to do anything but lay in bed and feel good about myself."

    Well you just do that darl - and ENJOY!

  10. you are AWESOME....i love your blog...and your wonderful sense of humor!

  11. Can you post another picture of your bike? I still think it is by far one of the coolest bikes I have EVER seen and I can't seem to find the blog post that had your pictures of it when you brought it home. Glad you got it all set up so you stay pain free. That is really important.

  12. I just stumbled across your blog and all I can say is WOW! The second thing--what seat is it that you have with no pain?!


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