Thursday, April 10, 2008

But it sure feels like it.

She mouthed off to me every day in class. Argued with me when I tried to discipline OTHER students.

She rarely did her work. Sat in here and talked and laughed and bothered others who were trying to work.

She's a bully.

She would often scream, "I AM WORKING!" when I checked on her. Then, she wouldn't turn anything in.

She ate and drank in class constantly despite several warnings and my class rules, and then cursed at me when I took it and threw it away.

Then today, she brought me a withdrawal slip, because she's moving to another district. She asked me to raise her grade to a D because, "Otherwise, I'll have all Fs."

Then she swore and cursed her way out the door after I refused.

I will Never. See. Her. Again.

And it's not even my birthday.



  1. Her absence is your present!

  2. A very merry un-birthday to you!
    (That's a Winnie the Pooh song I seem to recall!)

  3. Good Lord. That kind of stuff would either drive me to drink or drive me to run - I would hope for the latter.

  4. They are so cute at that age……Come on teach, throw the kid a bone. What would her GPA be with a ‘D’?

  5. Phew!

    I too have had one of *those* students. They're worse when they are old enough to vote.

    I feel your total relief.

  6. Spare the child...smack the parents.

  7. I am sure she will go far in life!!

    Thank heaven she is out of yours!

  8. thankful for you, really sad for her. Especially because she has no idea how much better things could be....

  9. That was so beautiful that it brought a tear to my eye.

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, sweetheart!

  10. Perhaps rather than throw away her food you should have poisoned it.

  11. Oh my gosh! I can relate! What "level" do you teach? I teach college, and I LOVE (read: hate) students like this!



  12. OMG...her name is MARIE is it because I think I had her in a junior high LAP class about 12 years ago. OMG she did the SAME thing. I wasn't the boss of her. I was hauled into the counselor's office more times than I can count because I did heinous things like make her sit in an assigned seat, give her a 0 for cheating on her test, expect her to be ON TIME! I've often wondered what happened to that particular thorn and now I know...she went to play with YOU!

  13. OK - in my recollections, the "unbirthday" was from Alice in Wonderland. Was it also in Winnie the Pooh? I'm anal, what can I say.

  14. Teechur: Well, fortunately I get more support than that! What a nightmare.

  15. And her parents will blame a "failed school system!"

    Give me retarded kids any day. I may get hit or kicked a few times a day, but it's not malicious behavior...
    and I rarely hear the "f" word in my classroom setting unless an adult slips up!

    (P.S. My husband lasted one year in regular ed as an English teacher...he got his spec. ed. degree/certs and has never looked back!)

  16. every time I read your blog I'm reminded of why I am no longer looking for full-time work as a teacher. I think I've got about 2 more weeks of subbing left in me and then I'm done.

    My hat's off to all those who make it a career. I don't know how you do it.


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