Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My day of drama. Mundane, boring drama.

7: am I started working on grading and my planning for the day. I found my connection to the district server was not working, so I had no access to student grades or attendance online. I answered emails to administration about "Day of Silence" on Friday, because some parents were angry about it. (I answer these questions this every year, in response to the letter writing and calling campaigns that "family" organizations embark on every year. Because, you know, I have this evil agenda. I note that they are not teaching, or volunteering. Just bitching. But I digress.)

7:20 I got a phone call BEGGING me to an IEP meeting because a participant didn't show up and and I made the mistake of answering the phone and I'm a complete pushover, so... then at 8:56 I left the meeting and went downstairs to get ready to teach my first class.

9:15 a substitute showed up and announced she was my sub "for your IEP meeting at 9:30," For 25 minutes I attempted to show how to graph an equation by finding the intercepts. General education teachers are required by law to be at every IEP meeting, whether or not the child has a general education, or even if the teacher even knows the child. THANK YOU, No Child Left Behind - at 9:40 I left my class and went to my 9:30 meeting.

10:15 I came back to class, and was told that mini-Baboo had called because he was sick. I said I'd call back during my lunch. Then I started teaching my third block how to graph an equation using the intercepts.

11:15 - I ate lunch, and forgot to call Mini-Baboo, because I am a bad, bad, mommy. I did call the people who want to interview me for a counselor position. They can see me at 12:15 May 1st, the day we are supposed to leave for the Collegiate Peaks trail run.

11:30 I dashed off another quick email begging the technologist to fix my computer.

12:15 - Mini-Baboo called and begged me to take him home, with a headache, fever etc. I found a sub, sprinted to my car, drove to the high school, then called BACK to work to have the sub to take my keys off the whiteboard where they would certainly be taken by students, and took Mini-Baboo home.
Where I fed him stuff to help him feel better and put him to bed. Mini-Baboo informed me that his award ceremonly for JROTC was the evening on May 1st, the day I was supposed to leave for the Collegiate Peaks Trail run. My blood pressure skyrocketed as I sped back to work completely stressed about where I was going to be on May 1st.

12:46 my 4th block class protested their new seating arrangement. I informed them that with, or without a security guard present, this is where they would sit. Then I attempted to teach them how to graph an equation by using the intercepts.

1:15 Class was interrupted as a student was escorted out by a security guard, because she pulled the fire alarm yesterday. Yeeeeesss, that's right. There was a fire alarm yesterday and the whole school watched as firemen entered my classroom to search for a non-existent fire.
(I secretly worried that my lack of access to the district server was a sign that I was being fired for lack of classroom management, because that's the way I roll: All paranoid and stuff.)

2:00 I confided to the ASL interpreter that I wasn't sure how I was supposed to do ALL THIS CRAP. She sympathetically offered to make photocopes for me, which is so not her job. (I accepted.)

2:15 Outlook reminded me that I had a 2:30 meeting. In room 226. AND in room 529. $hit.

3:15 my first meeting was over. I called the counselor interview people to get a room number for the interview and was informed that the interiew was on May 9th, not May 1st.

3:15 I went to my other appointment, where I tutored a friend's son in using the quadratic equation, the meaning of the descriminant, etc.

4:00 I took my friend's son to the public library, and went home. I looked at the calendar and realized that we're leaving on May 2nd, not May 1st. My blood pressure finally came down.

A small margarita is 5 weightwatchers' points. Not worth it.

At 7, I'll go for a run. Or maybe 8.

17 more days until final exams. tick...tick...tick...tick...



  1. Woo Hoo - you are in the home stretch!
    maybe SB should kick in a nice long back rub - that would likely help!

  2. I love a story with a happy ending. I hope your run was fabulous.

  3. I don't know what is going on, but things seem to be out of control for all of us!

    I hope your run went well. That always makes a big difference.

  4. Gotta love the April/May IEP push. I feel like I live in those meetings this time of year.

    "No, Ms. Smith, I do NOT believe your son's processing disorder is why he is failing my class for the third time. I think it is his "not giving a sh*t" that is the problem. Oh, and interestingly enough, smoking a blunt everyday before class isn't helping his reading comprehension either."

    Good luck on your interview!

  5. Misty-HANG ON!! Light at the end of the tunnel is coming (and a new job it seems)..

  6. Link arms with me, girl! We'll get through the year together. My husband (HS drama and English teacher) told me about the Day of Silence. No one mentioned it here. I do teach in teacher-la-la-land.

    I have 54 days left...54...54...I envy your 17.

  7. Goodness that stressed me out just reading about it. Hope tomarro is better.

    You know, straight hard liquor has no WW points. Just in case tomarro is as bad as today:)

  8. Wow - I was thinking the margarita sounded WAY worth five points but you are clearly made of sterner stuff than I! Hang in there! (Hope Mini-Baboo feels better soon.)

  9. Heck, you have enough activity points - have a LARGE margarita!

  10. Calyx is on the same page as me. Maragrita - worthy. Perhaps I would have skipped the mixer/sugar and gone straight for the shot of tequila. Surely that's a point or two less...
    Chin up woman, I mean IronWoman, you are an awesome, strong willed, strong minded strong hearted woman. Some days though, despite that I know we need a breather. Hugs for you Misty - you truly truly are an inspriation.

  11. Yeah, IEPs and MDTs are taking over my life and I am just the therapist. If it makes you feel better one of the kids that I see (with a brain injury) swallowed a poker chip looking math manipulative today. =0) Mom was still deciding about the doctor when I finally said I had to go. Not it on sorting through the yucky stuff to see if it passed!


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