Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I've got them Triathlete-In-The-Winter blues.

It's 30 degrees here (but "feels like" 25, according to NOAA).
I know from experience that, because of the nagging cough I can't quite seem to get rid of AND asthma that I can't run outside comfortably until it's about 40F.


I really, really, really want to go try out my new Brooks Adrenalyn 4 road/trail shoes, my new running tops, the new band I got for my Garmin (the old one hurt like hell) but most of all, my new Nike Hatphones. They sit in a fleece hat.

Whine. Wheedle. Whimper.

I want to run. Outside. Without coughing up a lung.

Will it ever be warm again?



  1. Hey, yesterday I ran with Burton's Headphone Beanie. It was fun! The sound quality is good not great, hope the Nike one is a cut above! Hope it warms up for ya so you can check it out. Xmas shwag?

  2. Next week. It is supposed to warm up. That's what they (they=the weather people) say. I'll be poised with my running stuff and ready to head out when it warms up too :)

  3. Hey! I have those trail shoes!!!

    They are awesome. Just go do it. Lungs grow back, don't they?


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