Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dude. Apparently, I'm like, a hippie and stuff.

in class this week:

Student A: So, hey, Mrs. P--so, were you like, a hippie back in the sixties?

Student B: Dude. Of course she was a hippie.

Me: Actually, I--

Student B: I mean, LOOK at her. She's like, a vegetarian and stuff.

Student A: Cool. We got a hippie teacher.

Me: But I was born in the sixties. I couldn't have--

(Above: Me and my hippie friends at a showing of "The Spirit of the Marathon" movie.)
Student C: So, like, what about the seventies? Were you a hippie then?

Me: Actually, I was in elementary school in the 70s. I'm more of an eighties chick.

Student A: But you like, eat all healthy and stuff.

Me: A lot of people eat healthy. That doesn't make them hippies. I've heard President Bush eats healthy food.

Student B: Dude. Of course she's a hippie. I mean, have you even see the bumper stickers on her car? She's all, "my other car is a bicycle" and stuff.

Me: Actually, that has more to do with--

Student C: Hippie! Hippie!

Student A: And I mean, like, you never wear suits and dresses and stuff like the other teachers.

Me: I wore a suit two weeks ago. i'm wearing a dress right now.

Student A: But that's like, a hippie dress.

Student C: My brother? He had you about four years ago? And he said you had really long hair, all the way down to your butt and stuff when he was in your class. He was all like, "Mrs. P is that hippie teacher, and she's all, 'put your bottles in the recyling bin' and stuff"

Student A: Mrs. P, it's okay that you're a hippie. We still like you.

Me: No, but you see I --

Student B: In fact, it's kinda cool that you're a hippie.

Me: I AM NOT A HIPPIE! I live in a gated community by the golf course!

Blank stares.


Student C: So, did you like, get all on LSD and stuff? and go to that big, you know music thing? With all the mud?

Student B: Dude. Of course she did. She was a stoner. You know she was.

Student A: I can't wait to tell my grandparents that my teacher was a hippie! So did you like, wear tye-dyed clothse and stuff?


(This conversation was even more surreal, considering that this web site seems to have been penned by someone who followed me an Baboo around for year. )



  1. I think you can attribute the hippie designation to Hartley. :-)

    If you take him out of the picture everyone looks very clean cut.

  2. ROFL.
    Where is the "warning: may cause tea to snort onto your keyboard" notice on this? Especially that other site!!

  3. The hippy is the dark haired one down in front--at least I might have been designated one when I was CAROUSING in the 1960's--oh, wait, I was just a kid growing up in San Francisco, eating brown, grainy bread (I used to throw it away at lunch), with LONG hair, and wearing BEADS (necklaces).

    I've been called "hippy" a lot, and still can't figure out where it comes from.
    What about directing your students to "The Way of the Hippy" website as a cultural study?
    That's pretty humorous.

  4. p.s. I meant The Way of the Hippy is pretty humorous (I mean, capitols?--come on...),
    and, no I don't seriously think your kids should be directed to it.

  5. Hilarious post (but sad) being an '80's hippie myself (I did civil disobedience and everything!) And the other site - OMG so funny!

  6. When I was in high school, I had a teacher that saw Led Zepplin and the Doors live. I thought it was the coolest thing EVER :-)

  7. That is too funny!!! Good thing I cut my hair. Before Triathlon I had had hair down to my low back. Oh. and I had a beard.....Just born a few decades to late


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