Friday, March 07, 2008

Knee pain?

I went for a run yesterday after all my appointments (I'm having lady surgery after Ironman CDA, but it's very minor. I'll write more about that later) and then my KNEE started hurting.


I'm very distressed and uncomfortable with such a development. I mean, hey, I run my special, slothful, shuffling pace so that I DON'T get injuries, so if I get injuries ANYWAY, well, hell, I might as well speed up!
Which, of course, violates my laziness threshold.

I first had this pain the last couple miles of my 50K in Alabama.
Then I had it again last week. I tried running through it, because it felt kinda like a muscle cramp.
Not. So. Much. I limped back to the car.
I had it again yesterday. I couldn't even speedwalk when it kicked in.

Now, I'm crossing my fingers--it just so happens I had this pain - which I've NEVER had before --when I was wearing a different type of shoe other than my beloved New Balance 767s. I'm going to put them back on today and go for a run, but already I've noticed it when going down the stairs today at work, and I was wearing Keens. However, I never wore anything but 767s for 3 years until about a month ago when I switched to Brooks and then this pain started.

I'm also going to try this 5-day aspirin thing that the athletic trainer at my school told me about.

Oy. Here's what I'm worried about. Bowleggedness? Nyet. Overpronation? Nope. I'm a neutral pronator. Banked surfaces? Possibly. I tend to run to the left of U-shaped trails.

cross your fingers for me that it's the shoes. Shoes are easy to fix.



  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Fingers crossed!!!!

  2. Ouch. I hope it's not ITB. That can be such a pain (literally). I got it in 2006 after running 3 very hilly legs at Reach the Beach and then racing 22 miles less than a week later.

    If it is, the foam roller is your friend.

    Rest, ART and rolling fixed my IT issues and it only threatens to come back if I attempt to run too many miles without properly training or if I run too fast.

    It can also be caused by a tight lower back.

    Good luck, and it sounds like maybe you caught it in time for it to not be too much of an issue.

  3. Trigger points in your glutes. Refer to the first half of this post:

    Follow the links to look at other trigger points.

    As ironsnoopy said, rolling is likely the way to go. Especially if you haven't been stretching as much as you should have. I've been using a tennis ball to work those deep trigger points and they are worth every nickel.

    If you aren't keen on doing it yourself, find a masseuse who's comfortable with doing a sports massage on your glutes. You'll cuss them every second of the way, but thank them afterwards.

    Fix it now before it becomes debilitating.

  4. Consider them crossed.
    Crossing my legs too, but thats just cause I have to pee and I can't stop the blog reading....

  5. Hang in there. Keeping my fingers crossed it's the shoes and not the IT Band.

    I'm right there with you dealing with running pains. My left knee is acting up and my running has come to a stop for the last week. Ugh.

    Stay tuned...

  6. Bill was spot on with his comment about working them out. I think you can use a ball or roller, but really the best way is to have a PT or LMP work it for you. It'll hurt like blazes (and if you're like me or the Lovely & Talented Mrs. Smith give you cool "racing stripes" down the side of your leg from the bruising), but it helped a ton.

    Hang in there, getting through the mental part of injury is almost as hard as the physical...


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