Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

This is like, the best easter picture EVAR. I snagged it off Tea's blog:

This morning, all three of us in the Baboo famdamily walked stiffly to the car.

Then we walked stiffly to the ihop. I was a good girl, I had the egg beater mushroom/spinach omelet.

Then we walked stiffly back to the car.

And drove home.

54 days to the Ogden Marathon.

There must be some chocolate around here, somewhere...I've got about 2800 calories to spend, and I aim to spend them.



  1. I love the picture...

    Happy Easter!!!

  2. That pic is the best!

  3. HI Misty,
    T and I just got back into town, so I'm catching up. Nice job on the marathon with 'Baby.' Would have been funny, except I know he was hurting.
    I hope all is cleared up from your ER visit and that you (and your ITB) are feeling better now. Will catch up with SB later...

  4. To you and the fam too! Hope all your lady parts are doing better and you are recovering well from the Mary.

  5. Hope your Easter was just grand!

  6. I hope you spent thos caloreis wisely - on something with at least 75% cocoa

  7. I am so impressed with your racing schedule! I am SUCH a wuss next to you!

  8. That IS the best Easter pic ever!


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