Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ahem. A small announcement...

Well, two actually. The first, and most exciting, is that mini-baboo will be debuting in his first ever marathon during his spring break (and mine) in Texas.

Mini-baboo will be run with me. I know my 5-minute-walk, 5-minute-run pace will drive him crazy. but he had to agree to it or wouldn't be allowed to do the marathon. If he feels pretty good after mile 20, he can take off. This will be a celebrating of sorts of his up-coming 17th birthday. He astonished me again this week by turning down an opportunity to go to Dallas for spring break, telling me, "I have two really important projects due when I come back, and I need to work on them."

Um, who are you and what did you do with my son--the know the one; he mouthed off to me, made every excuse in the world to avoid assignments and work? Huh?
Or, is this another example of the magic wrought by triathlon? Or maturity? Or both? Whatever. I don't question it! I just accept it and am happy.

The second announcement is that I ran 12 miles today much more comfortably. I had some twinges toward the end after mile 10 or so, and did the stretches here and in the picture at the right.

Just imagine flipping the picture counter-clockwise one turn: I was standing up at an iron gate about 30" or so high, with my bend leg on top of the gate, leaving forward, for about 30-45 seconds. Aahhhhh. After that, I was good to run again. Which tells me that I will need to stop and stretch at the trail run on Saturday.

6 days to the Grasslands Marathon.

Here's my distance totals for 2008 so far (Remember, I was sick most of February, so that brought my totals down pretty dramatically):
  • Bike (including spinning) 149.6 Mi
  • Run: 190.97 Mi
  • Swim: 1000 M (yeah, I know. It'll be picking up here real soon)
  • Strength/Pilates: 2:30



  1. That's terrific!! Both on the mileage and the mini-baboo-marathon!

  2. Great news on your leg being better! Yay!
    MB's transformation is almost certainly due to the fine example he has been set by his Mum

  3. Thats got to feel great to have such an effect on your child that he is inspired to follow in your footsteps. Thats awesome!

  4. Glad your knee is OK. You guys are such awesome role models for that little baboo. My kids were too busy partying at that age to do a marathon-well, maybe I was too for that matter.

  5. It is very cool that mini-Baboo is running a marathon with you. VERY COOL.

  6. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Good luck to you and mini Baboo in the marathon. What an awesome thing get to do with your son!


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