Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Random thoughts less than 4 out from CDA.

Things I'd like to throw...and the people at whom I'd like to throw them. I was thinking about that tonight, at the worst spin class I've ever been to. The cycles were bad, the instructor was--bless her heart--well intentioned. But uninspiring.
So, things to throw. Well, a soft, slightly overrippe tomato....the three guys at the back of the spin class I was at tonight who were carrying on a very loud conversation during the entire class. Holy cow, I mean, if you are that relaxed then you aren't working hard enough. And you need to be tomato-ed.

This week marks the beginning of my training for Ironman Coeur D'Alene. And, I know that triathlon season is approaching, becuase I'm getting a hankerin' for gear. Gear. GEAR! GEAR!! Yes, I'm excited because GEAR! spring is here.

I'll be swimming...just as soon as i get new goggles. I'm thinking pink. I'm thinking mirrored. I was wondering, now that I have contact lenses, can wear them during a long course triathlon? I mean, is it doable? I mentioned it to the contact lens lady who was training me to wear my contacts, and she sucked air through her teeth and said NO. However, I'm highly suspicious of advice from even professionals who aren't into running or multisport. It SEEMS like it should be okay. I've worn them for an ultra-marathon. But I haven't worn them with goggles yet. I suppose I'll train with them, and see how they work.

I bought new road shoes. I'll try them out tomorrow; they are Brookes Adenalyn road shoes. SIZE 9, because for some reason, my feet keep getting bigger. It's like they're pizza dough and when I run they just get slapped larger, larger, and larger...

I got my dirty-girl gaiters today. I'm going to wear them at the Grasslands marathon March 22nd. They are the "Fetish" pattern on the Dirty girl page. I'll review them after the grasslands trail run.

Okay, my thoughts are completely disorganized. First, work on the training plan, directed by Sweet Baboo. Then get some gear. I'm not sure if I'll do another ironman after CDA. It's like, 2 hours a day, 3-4 days a week for training, and then 4+ hours a day on the weekends.

Thursday, I go to see the lady parts doctor. About, em, the lady parts. And yes, she is a runner. I pretty much won't see anyone who isn't. They just don't GET it, you know?


  1. I just bought those goggles. I like them. Happy gear buying!

  2. I wear my contacts when training and racing. They are fine with goggles. The thing I worry about most during a race is having them get knocked off or something.

    That hasn't happened yet. Typically a few minutes after the start of a race I am back of the pack anyway with hardly anyone around me so it isn't an issue.

  3. Misty--ask a fellow myopic triathlete--of course you can wear contact lenses under your goggles! I've been doing it for years. I kind of worked out the "bumps" when I lived near the ocean. So, here's what I do (with a little bit of history).

    When I first started swimming I used to swim without my contacts--but that was when I could actually still see something. After I moved to the ocean, I continued--but then as my eyes declined, I made the decision to do pool swimming with the contacts in. Eventually, I started using contacts in the ocean under my goggles. Then, I hit upon the idea of getting disposable soft lenses for the ocean--I could lose a pair, not worry about the cost, and not subject my (more expensive) gas permeable contacts to risk.

    Now, I use my gas permeables for all my fairly calm swimming with goggles, and soft disposables for surfing and ocean waves. If you're concerned about a long swim, or getting your goggles knocked off, or leaky goggles filling up with water, you might consider the disposable lenses.

    BTW, I love the pink goggles.

  4. Another 'go' for the contacts. I wore mine at IMLOU. I always wear them. Blind as a bat without them. No issues, although I did consider putting a spare pair in my T1 bag in case I lost one swimming. I didn't - and have never actually lost one.

    They can get a little dry on the bike if I don't wear some sort of eye protection (so my sunglasses have clear, amber or tinted lenses depending on my mood and the, er, sun).

    Lurve the pink goggles!

  5. I'm thinking about getting contacts so this is all good info for me. Thanks

    Looking forward to following your progress towards Ironman :)

  6. LOVE the pink goggles! I have pink lenses, but not mirrored. Those are super cute. I wear my contacts under my goggles too. No problems. I have only done Olympic distance, but no issues yet.

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the gaiters. I am recently into trail running. Muddy toes and rocks suck. But I don't feel hard core enough to wear gaiters.

  7. "Go" for contacts. never lost one, not in training or racing. Ocean or pool or lake. If you lose your goggles temporarily, just close your eyes under water...then go find that sob that kicked ya!

  8. Those vanquisher goggles rock. The metallic tint minimizes the glare of the sun off the water too :) And they're just sooo pretty. Good luck with the training!

  9. I have Vanquishers in about 5 different colors and tints. They rock!

    I wear my contacts all the time and they're usually okay if I stop and put in eyedrops occasionally (I can even do it while rolling). But after 7+ hours on the bike they do get old. (I'm hoping my new AEROSHIELD will do better for them.) I always keep a spare stashed in my stuff but have never needed it yet.

  10. +1 on the wearing of contact lenses during a race. During my half-ironman I had a spare pair in transition in case I lost one on the swim. I also left my glasses with my support crew at the swim exit so that I could find my bike - just in case.

    Never lost one during swimming though.

  11. I just switched to that same pair of Vanquishers - they ROCK!
    No clue about the contacts as I am a 20/20 gal luckily.

  12. No problem with the contacts, I've been swimming with contacts for the last 25+ years. But, for an inportant race I always keep a spare set in my transition bag - just in case.

    I really like the brooks adrenalin, swiched to 'em about 3years ago havent had a problem since.

  13. I'm brand spankin' new to your blog and am currently reading your 2005 entries... but I'm so inspired by you already that I felt compelled to post a 'greeting'. I'm a newbie triathlete... working my way through the ropes both mentally and physically. Thanks for maintaining such an inspirational blog. I'm sure I'll pop in often. :o)

  14. I know what you mean abou spin classes-I HATE when people yak loud! Hey welcome to IMCDA training. You are in great shape-should be a breeze! I am swimming 3 times a week so let me know when you want to be a fish with me..

  15. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I am a fellow Albuquerque triathlete training for IMAZ in November. I did my first half at the Redman--the same one you did! I wore my contacts for that, which worked fairly well. I got a little water on one side and my contact was gritty for the first 20 minutes of the bike.

    Best of luck

  16. did you get the adrenaline in pink?? did you know they come in that color? i have them too! :-) in a 9.5 though, my feet are ginormous lately.

  17. So good to hear all the experienced commenters chime in about contacts being ok on the swim! My eye doctor scared the hell out of me with stories about infections from swimming with contacts (even with goggles) but then relented and said if I MUST (and I must because I cannot see and I get scared when I cannot see and who needs more fear in the middle of an open water swim??) - then he said to use disposables and throw them away after the race. In my whole one, teeny, tiny experience thus far - it went ok. I will be much more confident about it from now on! And...Who knew goggles came in pink? Well, y'all did apparently, but I didn't. And now I do! Fun. I want some too! Thanks for another interesting and helpful post!

  18. I wear my contacts surfing - I get dumped on my head, hit in the face by (small) waves and they're always in there. I get anywhere near a chlorine/ozone filled pool without super tight goggles and they roll up and fall out of my eyes... it's a natural water thing.

    Goggle up!

  19. Yes, to contacts under goggles. Wore them in IMLou and put extras in my special needs bags PLUS glasses just in case.

    I'm blind as a bat so not being able to see during the race is my absolute biggest fear. So far so good but I go overboard to ensure I can deal with whatever comes up.

  20. Brooks shoes are great if you have never tried them. Let us know how you like them.

  21. I'm a complete loser. I'd forgotten you were doing CDA. I can't tell you how happy I was when I "re-learned" that!

    I'll be surrounded by such experts! Can we do some kind of knowledge osmosis when we get there?


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