Friday, March 07, 2008

Here's what I know now.

So, I went for a run on the trails. I covered about 5 miles or in about an hour, testing various things on my knee, and here's what I know now:
  • I was able to have a pretty decent run in my old New Balance 767s, even considering the ones I was wearing are in awful shape, having been run over by accident once. Did I mention that they don't make them? Now they're 768s.

  • I can run completely flat or uphill. I cannot run downhill at all, or on wind-y trails at this time.

  • When I stop and stretch, crossing my ankles and leaning, my knee (right) it feels better.

  • I can't speed up or overstride or my knee says, "Nunh-uh"

Now, turns out that one of the teachers at my school who is married to another teacher at my school and they are certified athletic trainers and coaches, and she suggested this: based on the fact that I'm not sensitive to aspirin: 2 aspirin, 4 times a day, for 5 days, don't miss a dose. She says that this will wipe out any inflammation anywhere.

Here's what else I know now: Turns out that my beloved New balance 767s correct "mild to moderate" pronation, and guess what can bring about ITB syndrome? Yeah. That's right. So, tomorrow, the Brookes go back to the running shop, and I get a pair of 768s (the newest version of my old beloved).

If you know someone who "can't run" because of a pain or another, maybe it's not them. Maybe it's the shoes.

So for the next week, easy flat runs; lots of stretching; and aspirin. We'll see how it goes.

Today's run was badly needed. Due to my annual sick month (FEBRUARY) I've barely run since the 50K about 3 weeks ago, and so I've been bombarded with depression symtoms that have come back without regular exercise.
I know "bombarded" sounds rediculously melodramatic, but that's what it feelsl like. It's like being hit with those spiky gumballs from the sweet gum tree except they're the size and weight of apples, and instead of puncturing skin, they puncture my spirit with lots and lots of bad thoughts. But, know it and I can keep on top of it. It is what it is.

So, I actually got to run a on Sunday, and then Thursday and today, so I'm back on my way to feeling better and being ready for the Grasslands marathon on March 22nd.



  1. I know that awful prickly feeling - so pleased you have been able to run again and flick those bastards off. take care

  2. I went through the same thing with my ITB and shoes make a world of difference. Take care.

    What is it about February. My numbers sucked. DOes every sickness and crisis happen then? At least spring is on the way.

  3. I had the SAME problem...last year after the Akron Marathon. One of the perks of Akron is a free pair of Brooks running shoes. I ponied up the extra and upgraded from the free pair. I was so excited, they were pink and cheap (retail price 120, my price 20 bucks) Once I switched back to my beloved mizunos problem went away! Good Luck!

  4. I have so been there with the depression so hang in I am thinking twice about trying a new brand of running shoe..

  5. Here's hoping the shoes fix that knee up, pronto!


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