Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How many blind triathletes does it take...

Wow, who'd have thought there were that many near-sighted triathletes around?
You, you sneaky guys with your contacts...I feel better now in my near-sighted non-perfection. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Just a couple of thoughts on your comments:

1. I'm very pissed that my shoes come in pink and nobody at the shoe store told me. I'm considering taking them back tomorrow (I haven't worn them yet) and making them order pink ones. yeah, well, there's all these things said about women and how capricious we are, and I never am, so I have some wiggle room.

2. Clearly, the contact lens thing is a go. I already wear the disposable contacts because I lose everything, and I strive to bring Sweet Baboo, who is in charge of the budget, as little pain as possible

On other, unrelated news, I would like to come forward and state loud and clear that my diet was totally blown somewhere between half-priced Christmas cookies and half-priced Valentine's chocolate. I'm at 165 pounds today, exactly where I've pretty much been since March of 2006, after I lost that first 30 pounds. I am determined to get to 150 before the end of this year, not to fit someone's ideal image, but to have some more tissue that is working tissue instead of hauling-up-and-down-New-Mexico-mountains tissue.

Tomorrow, I'm taking the day off to go visit the lady parts doctor. I kind of wrote about visiting this doc for another problem back in 2006 and the subsequent treatment for it. I strive to do this in a sensitive way that doesn't make all the guys out there go, "Ewwwwwww" but that is perhaps useful for someone out there.
Meanwhile, because of the odd time of time of my appointment, I had to take the whole day off. I'm not making this up. I have to take a whole day of sick leave, SOOO, I'm going to do a 5:30 am spin class and maybe swim - if I can find some goggles - and then shower and then visit the doc. Then visit the shoe store, and see if I can get them in pink. I can't believe they didn't tell me. Jeesh! And then have coffee.

In unrelated news, today at work two of my students left the room, in their words, "To get a breath of fresh air." I didn't realize it until they came back (OMG!!) and then I said, "do you realize that it's entirely inappropriate for you to walk out of class without permission?"

Their response: Geeze, we just got a breath of fresh air. Take a chill!

Not quite the apologetic tone one hopes for. I admonished them not only for their behavior but also for the resultant paperwork.

You're writing us up just for getting a breath of fresh air? You're seriously writing us up?

Uh, yeah. Take a chill, girls.


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Weighing somewhere in the 150's again is my goal too, even though my doctor told me being 20 lbs over that is okay because I'm fit and healthy. You are still a wee little thing compared to me.

    Good luck at the doctor, and enjoy your day off!!

  2. Myopic triathletes unite!!! Yep, we are all blind 20-650, and 20-550, pretty blind.

    It must be rough to take the whole day off:) I'm sure the school admin was chill with you taking the time off :)

  3. I hear you on the cookies/chocolate thing.

    I had a food field "day" between Christmas and Valentines Day and put on about 12 lbs.

    Now, the fun part of trying (again) to cut back and lean up.

    Not much fun, especially when the cold temps in Minnesota are beckening my body to bulk up for winter.


    Also, good luck on the hunt for goggles. I'm continually on the lookout for a pair that won't cause me to look like Marty Feldman after I'm done swimming.

    (I wear an auqamask sometimes, which doesn't leave the rings, but does put me in a position to receive a lot of ridicule from my swim coach....)

  4. Hope you can order the pink shoes.
    Good luck at the doctor tomorrow, hope it goes well.

  5. I have a question for you. If you just started wearing contacts, what did you do before when you raced?? I have to stop wearing contacts after 30 years and am trying to figure out how I'm going to race. Do I get prescription goggles?? Do I leave my glasses at my bike and put them on like a piece of equipment? What if I forget? Please share, what did you do??

  6. Like the pink look! Are we REALLY 107 days out? I only "count" when I go to your site! yikes!

  7. I sooo get a kick out of your blog. Scanned quite a few today and every one of them made me laugh. Love the added pic's and links.

    Love your tenacity and spirit. The countdown is on...Rock on!



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