Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Notes from the Field.

I don't know that I've ever mentioned this before but I live in the suburbs, and I had an experience today I thought I'd share with my suburban peeps.

My (mostly) politically incorrect neighbors not withstanding, I enjoy the relative safety of the burbs. I run after dark without worry. I don't know most of my neighbors, but I do know that, probabalistically, they are much more likely to perpetuate violence within their own families than they are toward me. I commute 4 miles across the suburbs to work, against the flow of cars heading down into Albuquerque. I live in a little bubble of safety and security that Sweet Baboo has thoughtfully provided for me and in which I thrive, insulated from the wilds of the metropolitcan goings on.

The Burbs are where I grew up. The same with Sweet Baboo. I said as much when Mini Baboo recently began a school ancestry project and asked me, "Mom, where are our people from?"

"Our people are from the suburbs. As long as there have been suburbs, there have been our people."

I get excited about my occasional excusions into the city. Monday I asked several people about what time I shoudl leave to get to a certain location on time, and most of them sucked air through their teeth and talked about this thing called "Traffic".

Yesterday I headed OUT of the suburbs to a seminar and thought I'd share my experience.

So, if you didn't already know it I'll tell you--there are a lot, I mean a LOT of other people in the city who are apparently trying to drive somewhere at just the same time of the morning, and the appear to be pretty intent on getting there.

It's referred to as "traffic" and it is, on the whole, fairly unpleasant. I honestly don't see how people pull it off, day after day, without reaching for some sort of diversion to numb the whole suckitude. Even NPR can't stop the flood of thoughts and emotions that rush through my head; e.g.,

  • Why are you just now trying to turn, from way over there? Didn't you plan your trip?
  • Why is everyone driving so slowly - surely, there must be some sort of incident ahead? No? Then why is everyone driving so slowly?
  • Hey, there, you can't just drive past a lone line of stopped cars and try to cut in line like that. No cuts!
  • My goodness, I think that man was deliberately trying to keep that lady from getting into his lane.
  • Is he eating and talking on the phone and driving his car? On the freeway?

So, this is my PSA for the month for you. You've been warned.

The more you know.



  1. OMG-don't ever go to LA. I swear there is a secret conspiracy there to drive people insane with the traffic. Me: "I think there is an accident-I have been at a standstill for 30 min." Daughter: "Oh, no Mom that is just normal rush hour which lasts from 6-10 and 2-8." Don't get me started..

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    People taking cuts bug me the most!

    My son says I have road rage and that even my sneezes sound angry when I'm driving.

  3. I’ve read about the dinosaurs that roamed the burbs, it is really true?

  4. It's true. And most of them are on the school boards.

  5. Anonymous11:53 AM


    Inquiring minds want to know: what does MiniBaboo think about his marathon in retrospect? Is he going to run another?

  6. How bizarre - my people are also from the burbs. I know no other lifestyle. As I've told my husband, if there isn't a Target within 5 miles of my home, I can't live there. I'm from St. Charles, a western suburb of St. Louis. But, don't let that fool you - there is still plenty of traffic around without having to go anywhere near the city. In fact, almost everywhere you go during rush hour requires getting enmeshed in traffic. I moved to my current location 3 years ago which made my commute much less trafficky and way more to my liking. It also put me much closer to fine biking and running habitats. But I have to say, where you live probably gives you more year round training weather - wish I had that.

  7. Snort.
    (thinks of this morning's and all the other mornings' drive to work)
    but then if it was shorter, when would I get time to put on my makeup?
    BTW thanks for your last post - I thought of you yesterday when I stayed on the trainer for an extra 20 minutes, becuase I WANT to be better on the bike and "I'm stubborn enough to keep punishing myself until I am"

  8. I am from farmland Ohio. Driving into Chicago to me are what nightmares are made from.

    Important rule---Never make eye contact.

  9. I had to drive somewhere (other than Corrales) the other day. I was appalled at the lady who made a left turn from the MIDDLE lane and didn't even bother warn anyone by using a turn signal. Guess I should cut her some slack. Afterall, she didn't have a free hand. One was on the wheel and the other on her cell phone.



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