Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saddle Review: The Specialized Dolce.

So today I went for about 65 mile ride with Tiger Lily who, thankfully, was willing to ride with me despite my big hissy fit last weekend. I had the bike refitted with the new/old saddle, and here are the results of my long ride with the Specialized Dolce. I was wearing Shebeast Sprint shorts and lots of Sportslick.

Now, this is not the gel model. When I sat on it, at first I thought, "oh, gosh, this is hard - there's no way it's going to be comfortable." But you know what? I was actually pretty comfy. My butt didn't have the bruised feeling, and the cutout for the tailbone I think made for even more comfort.
One problem, however, is that on this saddle, my shorts bunched up causing some chaffing just at the bend of my legs, just under my butt cheek. I started noticing this after mile 40, and you're welcome for that visual.
But the aero position. Well, that's what it's all about, right? I'm happy to announce that I was able to maintain it for a much longer period of time, and no more pain in the front! In the drops, no problem. That, I believe, is due to the cutout in the saddle. No pain, no pressure. YAY!
Now, I didn't have a chance to raise the handlebars up like I'd planned, because it requires an extension and new cabling, and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of cables stretching and needing to be adjusted, so I decided to wait and see what effects the saddle had.
My wrists hurt like hell, but before I mess with cabling, I'm going to try some wrist-strengthening exercises to see if that helps. Also, next week, I'm going to wear tighter, longer shorts that hopefully, won't bunch up, and see if that helps with the chaffing issue. Also more sportslick in the bends of my leg/butt. I wonder if its possible to develop calluses there.


  1. Glad it's working out! I'm looking at other saddles. Just getting into some higher mileage (nothing like yours yet, my half IM isn't until August) and I'm noticing that my poor sit bones don't wanna sit any more!

    Have you had a bike fit? I was having wrist pain and serious back and hip pain, then I splurged on a professional bike fit last year. OMG what a HUGE difference! Back barely twinges (I have lower back problems, but pretend I don't and keep running and riding), no wrist pain, no more numb fingers. Best $110 or so I ever spent (in relation to triathloning).

  2. Yeah! Success!
    How do ya like the shorts? I've been wanting to buy some SheeBeest just cuz they sound tough.

  3. I have had a bike fit, but it was for power output, not comfort. I've decided to focus on the comfort aspect. I think it affects my performance more than anything.

  4. I bought the Shebeest Triple S shorts and the Shebeest Ultra D shorts on a recommendation from one of your reader's comments and so far I really like them, but my longest ride so far is 42 miles. It was a HUGE improvement over my old shorts that bunched on me.

  5. I'm so relieved that your a** is relieved.

    and also, I tagged you.

  6. I have calluses "there"...sorry for THAT visual! :-0

    (You too can be a hard-a** over time!)

  7. Just an FYI- the intersection of your butt and thigh(on the back side of you) is commonly referred to as the "thutt" and is characterized by a yucky roll-like thing. :-)

  8. Glad things went better for you!

  9. A number of local triathletes got a bike fit last year by the great John Cobb (of Lance and the Adamo saddle fame).

    Many have since had to raise their front bar height because he fit them for power rather than comfort. That sounds like your issues.

    I went through a FIST fitting and stressed comfort as my primary goal with very good results.

    It might be worthwhile for you.

  10. Happy Geek Girl = better rides = longer rides = Very Sweet Indeed!

    YAY! I'm glad you're getting there on the bike! Comfort aero is still better than a road bike and actually better than speed aero if you can't ride in speed aero.



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