Monday, April 07, 2008

Thanks for not shooting me with a tranquilizer dart.

I want to thank everyone who reponded to my pity party madness, yesterday being my day of ranting - decompensating as I was, toward the end of the long ride yesterday while Sweet Baboo and Tiger Lily waited for the foam around my mouth to dissipate or at least for me to calm down enough to be shot with a tranquilizer dart.

Which leads me to today's truism: Real friends don't mind if you rant and cry. They just wait until you're done.

The thing is, up to about 40 or so miles I like cycling. I feel strong and I'm having a good time. After that it just goes to $hit. So I have to test saddles and setups on long rides, I guess.

I want to be good at this! I can't be that big of a freak, I just can't be! I want to go on group rides, with the big kids, SWTriGal and Pirate. And, I'm just stubborn enough to keep punishing myself until I can.

So, yesterday, Sweet Baboo mentioned that I had a saddle in the garage that was unused. And by golly, I had a Specialized Dolce saddle on a shelf. It was on the first road bike I owned before I became enamored of all things aero and lightweight. That was about the same time that my problems began, but it was the same time I started doing much longer rides, too. It's got about 6 months' light use, and it's wider than the saddle I have now, a bit cushier, with a big wide cutout. So far, I've tried the Selle Glamour (no cutout) and the Spcialized Jett (too narrow. feels like a broom handle)

So, I asked High Desert Bicycles to put it on, and to raise the handlbars a bit to take the pressure off my hands. This is step one. The first test ride of the new setup will be Sunday, about another 70 mile ride.

Another piece of advice that intrigued me was changing my shorts after about 60 miles. What does happens to skin after being in sweat-soaked shorts for that long? This is something I definitely want to check out. Meanwhile, High Desert Bicycles will let me try out saddles if I need to.

And I'll share it what I find out. Of course I will. I never shut up.



  1. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Good luck!

  2. That is the saddle I use (of course my distance is nothing yet). I hope it works for you!

  3. I'll listen to your ants if you will listen to mine! hang in there-I cna very much relate to the "search for the perfect butt solution"

  4. Good luck with that saddle--it's the one I've been using since I did the great saddle test of 2005 (bought and returned about 10), back when all my triathlon madness began. I've been through two of 'em so far and was able to get past several 100k's and a 77-miler last year with my girlie parts intact.

    Also, have you tried a petroleum-based saddle goo bag balm? Really gross, but tends to stay slippery much longer than the ones that are more lotion-y.

    Much luck to you!

  5. I'm glad you got over your rant - cycling is hard. I have a Specialized bike with a Specialized seat and I'm doing okay with that - not too painful.

    As for your rant post - I could really do without the run. I have crappy feet and running is hard for me and it never feels good. It is just a necessary evil of triathlon.

  6. I have been having issues galore this time around. My saddle is plenty soft enough (it's Serfas women's Tri-saddle). My big thing is LOTS and LOTS of aquafor. I bring sample tubes with me and always reaaply. I don't care what people think when they see me putting my hands down my shorts!!!

    I also learned that my bike shorts must be TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT or they bunch up and cause more drama.

    I started a forum post on about saddles... If you find one you love please let us know there!!

  7. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I'm sure you've gotten innumerable saddle suggestions, but allow me one more: Terry Butterfly. A small Italian-made slice of heaven. Also, having a professional bike fit with a competent pro made an enormous difference for me.

  8. Here's my saddle two-cents - try the ISM Adamo - it's the only saddle that I've found to be very comfortable. Did you know also that you can buy little packets of Chamois butter? I take those along and reapply after about 30-40 miles. Oh yeah, and second the motion on a professional fit - it will make a huge difference.

  9. SHORTS!!!

    Yes, maybe this might help.

    Carmichael training sells these cycling shorts that have the best chamois EVER! I have a pair of the bib in a mens size large and a pair of the womens in a size large and they are huge and the most comfortable cycling shorts I've ever ever worn. They come down quite far and I feel extremely geriatric-looking...but they are very comfortable.

    They just recently had a sale and I got them for less than $30, I think.

    This is my offering for today.


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