Sunday, July 13, 2008

And then there's this 25K Fun Run in Fort worth...

So, we're sitting in bed the other night tip tapping away on our laptops and Sweet Baboo informs me that he just got an email from the race director over at the "El Scorcho" ultra-marathon and three people have dropped out. It was previously FULL.
He says this to me, very excited about my new opportunity. And with an expectant air.

Okay, so let me back up and tell you about El Scorcho, and why I've been (lovingly) mocking Sweet Baboo for the past month or so over his decision to run this ultra.
First off, the name. There's that. I mean, let's just say, hypothetically, that I ask you if you want to do an ultramarathon with me, and you were inclined to such nonsense, and let's just say that I tell you nothing more than the name:
El Scorcho.

What would be your response? Right. Okay, well that was mine, too. So, you get it. It's hot. But wait! That's not all...
1) It's in Fort Worth, Texas
2) In JULY.
3) It starts at MIDNIGHT
4) You run the same 5k loop 10 times.
5) If you wish, you can sign up for "La Scorchita" instead, which is a 25K, and run the same 3.1 mile loop 5 times.
6) It SOLD OUT. Quite some time ago.

But, I have to say they have a fun attitude about it. Here is an excerpt from their website:

Why run El Scorcho?
Because it strokes our egos to have a bunch of crazies come out and run our race. Because a marathon is only the beginning. Because toenails are overrated. Because pain is enlightening...

I have to say, I love ultrarunning mostly because I love ultrarunners. They are completely laid back, like the hippies of the endurance sports world.

Yeah, dude - it's hot, it's humid, but it's alllllll good.

So, yeah. I had him put my name in. Of course I did. After Sweet Baboo said that there might be three openings, my mouth said, "Sure, why not?" like it always does,
while my brain was still going, "uhhhhh....."

We'll see if I get in.

So, with any luck (?) at all, next Saturday July 20th I'll start running 15 miles at midnight in the dark, with a bunch of other people.

At some point I have GOT to get my brain to work faster than my mouth.



  1. On the up side, if you get in, we'll doubtless get another great race report out of the deal. (Not that it's all about us ...)

  2. First, congrats on the Bottomless Lakes Tri.

    Second: I think that La Scorchita sounds....."interesting".

    Have a good week.

  3. Yea, congrats on your first place medal!

    Next thing ya know we will be reading about you entering Badwater next summer...!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I used to run on the trail that El Scorcho is on when I was in high school in Ft. Worth! Um, never after midnight though ;)

    Sounds like it will be fun!!

  5. LMAO....

    I now the feeling about the mouth thing. Mine opens up way too fast. But if anyone can do it- you will.Anxious to hear the race report.

  6. do you know if you could connect me to those empty spots? I would totally do the 25K with you.

  7. Sheesh--and I only wish my mouth would work faster than my brain!
    You'll have fun--What's 15 miles??


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