Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Assassination attempt #1

Today I went over to Cindy's house and she tried to kill me.

Oh, sure, she called it "hill repeats," but I'm telling you, even her little friendly dogs were sizing me up for a meal. The third time up this nasty 12% hill in the hot desert sun I came to a stop and then fell over when I tried to get my foot back in the pedal.

But I'll have my revenge. Friday, she's coming over to my house. We'll do hill repeats.

it, hill repeats.

In other news, I've introduced some upper body weight stuff into my workout routine, to give me more power in the swim. I'm also swimming with paddles now. It's kind of pathetic that I've not done this before - I mean, the weight routine. As I'm writing this, about 6' behind me, is a weight bench and several dumbbells. Now that my "main" triathlon season is over, I'm going to focus more on power stuff for the next couple months, and then focus on power, strength, swimming, and running for the off-season. I have this fantasy that I'll show up for my first triathlon next season and people will gasp at how fast I am.

Yeah. Well. I have that fantasy every year. It never pans out. Nice to fantasize, though.

So here's my plans, such as they are, for the rest of the year:

August: Barb's race on the 2nd, my first girl race. Then the New Mexico marathon on the 31st.

September: A bit o' craziness called the “Colorado Relay.” DreadPirate's brain child is a bunch of New Mexico Outlaws all sweaty and stinky in 2 vans traversing 170 miles of Colorado in 24 hours. We'll each do 3 run legs, for varying totals.
It's a road trip. It's an ultra-relay. It's a party! It's all three!

October – I'm doing a 50K trail run in Palo Duro canyon.

November – I'll be volunteering at IM Arizona and probably sign up for IMAZ 2009.

December – I really, really, really want to do the Borax Death Valley Marathon. Ooo, “Borax Death Valley Marathon.” Doesn't it just sound all cool and tough? C'mon, say it with me:

Death. Valley. Marathon.

January – I've tentatively planned to do my longest run yet, the Ghost Town 38.5. My 12th marathon or longer distance, and my third ultra marathon. Kinda hoping Baboo will sherpa this one. Then I can get lots of sympathy and "there, there."

After that, well, who knows. It'll be cold, and I'll be feeling lazy, so we'll see. I am determined not to chicken out on the swims this winter, Pirate. No matter how insane it seems to be in a, admittedly heated, pool in January when there's snow on the mountain. I'll be there.



  1. You are so brave. I seriously don't think I could do a race that had "DEATH" in the title! Go girl!

  2. I looked up that Ghost Town race and I wish it wasn't so far from Houston. I so love that area!

    If you go, stay at the Black Range Lodge. They make a terrific organic breakfast in the morning, including sourdough waffles. And they have a guest pantry where you can bring your own food or buy some on the honor system. They also have a sweet gray and black dog that will share your morning run with you, although I doubt he'd be up for an ultra. :-)

  3. You obviously survived. Great job! That elevation profile looks nasty mean! You rock!

  4. Just found your blog and I am inspired. Hope its ok that I added you to my blog roll :) If you have any suggestion for an Athena trying desperately to complete her first Ironman, I would love to hear it!! Thanks :) Melissa

    PS AMAZING TATTO. Is it yours????

  5. Bunnygirl, we stayed at the Black Range lodge when Baboo did this back in 2006, as that's where the finish line was that first year. However a college geology group came in and took all the rooms that were left; we were left with a tiny, cramped room down in the basement with broken furniture. There was a foot or so of space on two sides of the bed to walk on. There were no windows, no decorations, it was a half-finished space, not nice at all, and I think Then, for some reason, she took me on a tour of the place so that I could see all the super nice rooms that we didn't get. The proprietors seemed very nice but it was an odd experience that left a bad taste in my mouth for that place, although I had heard good things about it before and since.
    When Baboo did this race in 2008, we stayed at a cabin at KOA about 30 minutes away from the race, and I was pretty happy with that.

  6. Death. Valley. Marathon.
    Doesn't sound any funner to me.

  7. Hill Repeats, I can't get people to do them......You guys rock!

  8. I should have been doing these sooner. I think it would have made a huge difference in my experiences at Ironman. I can sit in a saddle for 7-8 hours now, but it's the hills that get me!

  9. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Admit it - you liked the hills ;)

    Sometimes I tend to be like the blue and pink unicorns in this video, which (thanks to calyx meredith) I watch a gazillion times cuz it cracks me up!

    (Charlie the Unicorn)


    "C'mon Misty...let's go torture ourselves...it'll be so FUN!!"

  10. Geez. You're a machine. I'm all exhausted and whatnot and I just did a sprint triathlon. Just saying.

  11. Ooooh you could so wear that Death Valley Marathon T-shirt anywhere!
    But don't actually die, ok?

  12. You are SO my hero. I cannot believe that racing schedule. You are just incredible.


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