Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Coming up, Random week stuff.

1) Hold onto your pants! This weekend, the Bottomless Sprint Triathlon. It was at this tri in 2005 that I said, "I'm definitely going to try this triathlon thing" back in 2005. I did it in 2006 and in 2007. This year I'd like to beat last year's time by at least a couple minutes. It's a mini-sprint: 400m/9 mi/2.4 mi., but it's super hot when you finish and the run is an out and back along blacktop that is not shaded. In July. In Southern New Mexico. All the time you're racing, there are loud cicadas singing (don't love that term, "singing"?) actually they're SCREAMING, adding to your perceptions that it's just, well, f***ing hot.
SSSsssssssssss (dramatic hot-sounding noise effect).
And yet, for some reason, I always remember this little sprint fondly and can't wait to do it again. Crazy.

2) Mini-baboo is home. So, once again, there is missing food, dirty dishes laying around, and lack of privacy. Mini spent 6 weeks in Dallas working in an un-airconditioned shop changing tires, moving furniture, and other sundry stuff. He used his earnings to purchase a Comprehensive Encyclopedia Set Nintendo Wii. Appears to be enjoying it.

3) Mini is a senior this year. Shouldn't there be a checklist or something? Like: take senior pictures, take ACT, order invitations, etc. I know and have accepted the possibility of this year being a giant money hole. I just need to be able to plan how fast the money drains down the hole.
toothpaste for dinner
4) Speaking of holes, once again I have to ask myself if there is possibly a bigger time hole than Facebook. I'm not saying I don't use it. I just saying I waste a lot of time there.

5) Someone I know referred to a random blog I found on the Internet (nobody you know) as a "brain toilet." That is still the funniest thing I've heard in a while.

6) Tonight is #6 of my summer classes. That means there's only 2 weeks left of summer school. I've been taking classes in PTSD and Substance Abuse. There isn't a whole of open-mindedness in these classes. It's all pretty lockstep, "this is how we treat this."
I just nod and practice my favorite phrase, "Well, you've given me a lot to think about."
What this phrase really means:
"I don't agree with what you say and I think you're an idiot for saying it but in the interest of diplomacy and because you are either grading me on this and/or a future colleague, I'll say something really passive aggressive that you, in your nacissistic way, will take for agreement."

7) Tomorrow, the state of New Mexico will probably finally approve my provisional counseling license. I'm pretty happy about that.



  1. At our local high school you go in on an appointed day in the summer, before school starts, and you walk from station to station getting things checked off (All Knighter Grad party, Yearbook, sports team, Senior t-shirt, PTSA membership, Ed Foundation donation, class dues....and so forth) and then you get to the end and they add it all up and it's about $800. Thank God for public education! That doesn't even cover homecoming or prom. sigh....

    I love the merit badges. I've earned several of them! Now I just need a sash to sew them to.

    Good luck on that Tri. Heat tends to be the great equalizer, non?

  2. Good Luck in the Tri, but really you don't need it since you KICKED SOME BUTT in the Ironman...

    Hey! I waste so much time on Facebook too! I love scrabulous!

    Have Fun this Weekend!

    : )

  3. LOL...I am COMPLETELY going to adopt your favorite phrase...It's genius and so much more diplomatic than my eye-roll strategy.

    Good luck on the sounds...lovely?

  4. "I don't agree with what you say and I think you're an idiot for saying it but in the interest of diplomacy and because you are either grading me on this and/or a future colleague, I'll say something really passive aggressive that you, in your nacissistic way, will take for agreement." this is too funny!

    Congrats on your counseling license.

    Hey you could be my couselor! I am sure this is too much info, but I have PTSD.... I think counseling does work... and no I don't think there is one cookie cutter answer for everybody...

    You go girl you rock!

    BTW - I think most of my triathlon team now reads your inspiring blog!! Just an FYI, we all talk about you (how much you rock!!)


  5. Since you were kind enough to present your post is such an orderly fashion I will do the same with my comment.
    1. Yay! I wonder if I will some day feel that way about the Tri for Fun. I kinda do already and since it's held 3x a summer I will probably do it again in August.
    2. I hear the WiiFit is a lot of fun. And there's always tennis.
    3. If it's not that money hole it'd be another one. But this hole doesn't drain into stuff for you! :(
    5. I skipped 4, no experience with Facebook. My job is a brain toilet.
    6. I use a variation on this, "I'll think about that, thanks." But I like the sound of yours better. My other fave when someone is lecturing me in the guise of "advice" and I don't say anything and they finally stop and stare blankly at me I say, "oh, did you have a questions?"
    7. Yay! again. And then you start getting hours toward full licensure? That's how it works here. This is a big step!!

    Does this comment get an A? Or are your grading days over? :)

  6. Anonymous2:42 PM

    yep...ryan is a senior this year too. i'm expecting to be even more broke! how am i supposed to enjoy my tri habit now??

  7. Hey! Congrats on the provisional license!

    I TOTALLY agree with you about passive-aggressive, narcissistic colleagues. Aren't those both criteria for some Axis II diagnosis???

    My Studly-muffin is a senior this year too. Let's hope for a safe, productive year -- or at least passing grades and no contact with the juvenile justice system.


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