Monday, July 28, 2008

Things I just Happen To Know Today

Brought to you by a temporarily unemployed ex-teacher with too much time on her hands.

1) There is an abundance of commemorative non-legal tender that is sold on TV during the day.

2) The sweetener in sugar-free chocolates may cause intestinal" discomfort." You may not have seen that warning on the bag in 4 point font. (I know I didn't.)

3) I'm of the opinion that most of the people who are out driving during the day are a) not in any hurry to get anywhere at any particular time, or b) paid by the hour to drive.

4) Applying to work for the federal government requires that you follow rules and mandates that appear to contradict what they have already told you not do.
For instance: You may be asked to provide a college transcript, while simultaneously being told that no part of this application may be submitted by telephone, email, or postal mail. I imagine working for the government will be kind of like trying to follow all the rules in the Bible all at once.

5) Less than a week to Barb's Race Half Iron. Weather's gonna be beautiful, says the forecast!

6) I have way too many cotton race t-shirts. Cotton t-shirts make me look fat. I have three drawers full of these damned things. I'm getting rid of them, today.

7) I think I have a popcorn hull stuck between my teeth, and it's bugging the crap out of me.

8) Sweet Baboo and I are going to test ready-to-drink SlimFast this weekend at our respective triathlons. If it works out, especially for Baboo, he'll be using it at the Lean Horse 100-miler, and I may consider using it at some point. I already know I'll like it, because I (tragically) am not picky about food.

9) Am I the ONLY one that thinks the big plastic-headed, non-speaking Burger King guy is just creeeeeeepy?



  1. Slim fast works really well for me. I hope it does for you also.

    Have you seen the new commercial with the little "prince"? Now that's just wrong.

  2. The big plastic headed Burger King guy - extremely creepy!!


  3. You are not the only one that finds that Burger King guy creepy. I think I'd have a heart attack if I woke up with that thing in my bedroom first thing in the morning.

  4. The King is probably the creepiest thing on TV. Especially when he does his peeping Tom thing or gets in someone's bed - EW!

  5. Oh no. Teh Burger King is the creeps. In fact, he creeped me out by just appearing on your blog.

    I use Boost or Ensure in my ultras, goes down extremely well especially if chilled!

  6. One of my friend's mom's (is that right???) gave me a great idea. Take all your old event shirts that you don't want and make a quilt out of them. In my case, they will be going to my mom, because 1) I spend all my "free" time on the computer or training and 2) I don't have clue numero uno how to make a quilt :)

  7. Don't throw your event shirts away! You will be sorry later when you are old and decrepit like me! Cut out the front logos and then sew them to a sheet and make a quilt! (Or send them to me and I will for you!)

  8. Definitely high on the creep factor

  9. I have a pile of that non-legal tender. My Dad was an avid collector--enjoyed the design and would get excited when a new issue would come out. I have no idea what to do with it, and don't have the heart to just discard it. So, that's where he must have seen the advertisements.
    BK guy is so high on the creep factor I can't believe you posted a pic--I thought you had a G-rated blog! :)

  10. Weighing in on the high-creep factor in the Burger King guy...and why does BK think we want a burger because of him?

    Let us know how the SlimFast works.

  11. I always thought the BK guy was supposed to be creepy.

    Then they started the BK prince thing and, yeah, major REAL creep factor now.

    I feel the same way about cotton race shirts but I can't seem to throw them out.

  12. Anonymous7:12 AM

    I hear you on the shirts. I have to take the men's xl to fit the girls, and then all the extra material makes me look like the Michelin Man. I've only done one event that had women's shirts.

    I say bring them to the Salvation Army, but then, I am trying hard to reduce my inventory of "useless things of which I appear to be constitutionally incapable of tossing."

  13. His kid is creepier. And he kicks him in the leg. It's all strange.

  14. I hear ya on #3.

    And I think he's supposed to be creepy. If he's not, then that add campaign really sucks. Hardcore.

  15. I'm collecting the cool bits (logos etc) of my race shirts to make into a quilt.At least the bits I've saved go into a small bag not an entire drawer like before. I give the leftover bits to my sister who is a cabinetmaker and uses cotton rags for polishing. Hadn't thought of sewing them to a sheet though, thanks Tea! - now I can get rid of an old sheet too!


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