Wednesday, July 02, 2008

First half of the year down.

It's July 2nd, which means that half the year has passed. I set some goals at the beginning of the year, and wanted to assess how I was doing. Here's my totals so far for 2008:
2008 totals
Bike:1,263.7 Mi
Run:430.86 Mi
Swim:34910 M
Strength:2h 30m
Hiking:2h 00m
Pilates:4h 30m

Here's how I'm doing on my 2008 goals so far.
☐ Means that I've made progress, ☑ means I reached it, and ☒ means I haven't really started yet.

1. Become a "marathon maniac" this year.

☑ 2. Do a 50K run this year.

☑ 3. Finish Ironman Coeur D'Alene before midnight, without crying.

4. Get down to about 150 pounds. (68 kg or 10.7 stone) Current weight: 156. and holding steady.

5. Get my professional counselor's license.

6. I resolve to lower the amount of fat in my diet. On the short list of things that must be avoided: Cheap nachos.

7. Run a sub-10-minute pace on a 5K. Current per mile pace (5k) PR: 10:16

8. Bring my run volume up to at least 20 miles a week, 3 weeks/month.

9. Clean out the den/study.

10. Write more silly haikus. Here's one, for Tea:
Ah, the Ironman!
Cheering crowds, gels, gatorade,
and golden showers!

11. I will not consume wheat grass juice and chlorella.

12. Quit complaining about my job or get another job. I resigned from my teaching position, and am now waiting for the state of New Mexico to issue my provisional mental health counselor's license and my ticket to take the NCE.

13. Talk more like a grownup. Cha, I'm like, TOtally grown up. And stuff.

14. Be a better person, make the world a better place.



  1. Thanks for reminding me that half the year is gone. Now I have to start on my 2008 wish list, only six months to do it!

  2. I think you should check off 14 too! :-)

    The year is half gone! That is indeed scary and will get me off my butt today to actually DO something and not just bemoan the fact that I am not on vacation any longer!

  3. whoa, time is flying. i didn't set goals this year but maybe next year i'll know enough about my pace and stuff to set some. right now i have no idea where i'm at. hey, how did i get here? is there a bus i can catch home?

  4. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Nice progress there!

    You can check off #7 after you sign up for and run the Women's Distance Festival 5K with me and Lisa on July 13...hint, hint...

  5. Wait, are they all supposed to have the same box in front? Or am I having browser issues?

    Anyway, you're rocking the year so far!!

  6. Some of the boxes should have checkmarks, some should have xs, and some should be blank. What browser are you using? I checked the code in Firefox 5.0 and IE 7.0 and they showed up okay.

  7. Goal setting - what a great idea! I should definitely try it.

  8. Using IE 6.0 and can only see empty boxes. So it must be a browser issue.

  9. Now I'm thinking I need to set some goals. Maybe I'll actually get something done.

  10. I thought I commented on the haiku but didn't!

    Yes...well it certainly WAS a special day. It was like my very own GOLD medal...but I still wonder if I should have told him that he should be drinking more...


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