Saturday, July 05, 2008

Random stuff.

Today's LOLCat picture is for Pirate. -->

So today, I went on about an 11 or 12 mile LSSR. (Long, slow, sweaty run). I'm not sure about the distance because for some reason Msr. GarMEAN wouldn't turn on, so I just ran for about 2-1/2 hours. Slow. Sweaty. It was in the mid-seventies when I started, and low eighties when I finished.

The spaghetti I ate last night seems to have helped, because I felt pretty good. I also started the day off with a Power Bar. For some reason, it takes about a half hour for me to eat these things, which appear to be combination of cement and various sugars. I made the mistake of setting an unwrapped one down on my kitchen counter, 5 minutes, tops. Then, I couldn't get it back up.

I finally pulled it off the counter, leaving parts of it behind. I tried scraping it off with a knife, until Baboo finally expressed concern that I was removing countertop instead of removing the Power Bar. Finally a combination of a Formula 409 soak and scouring pad got it up, and am I crazy for worrying that something I'm EATING is that hard to remove from a Formica countertop?

I drank some Accelerade on the run, and stupidly, only took one bottle. I did surprisingly well, though, and chose a way back that was mostly in the shade, but when I got back to the car, I gulped down the other bottle so hard and fast it was running out of my mouth and down my chin. Then I took a cold bath and ate some leftover spaghetti.

Sweet Baboo and many other Outlaws went out for a 100 mile bike ride.

100 mile. Bike. Ride.

Hey, are you coming?

Uh, NO, Thanks. I'll pass, thanks. I'm doing a 40 mile tomorrow. But hey, don't use up all the fun, okay?

When I got home, I looked up problems with Garmin online, and then licked my finger and ran it over the contacts on the back. Then, it worked. Magic mom spit. It ain't just for faces anymore.

Anway, I'm tired. Mini-Baboo comes back from 6 weeks in Dallas today, and I have to put all the passwords and locks back in everything and then take a nap.



  1. Good run.
    Password reinstatement - funny. I just bought a toolbox that LOCKS to keep all my shotblox and sports beans in so that I may occasionally have one available to use myself.......

  2. Hi,

    For your Garmin issues, my husband suggested using a pencil eraser on the back of the connections as it clears the corrosion off the contacts and should make your Garmin happy again :-) But do not plug the speaker holes - I just helped him clean his and it really works - two of the four contacts were black and with the eraser trick they are now all brassy looking.

    Love the blog - thanks for writing! I have attempted two Ironman's (Canada) and made it 7/ 8 of the way on the bike and then ran out of time the first time around, and the second time round missed the bike cut off of 12 minutes.....oh well enjoyed the journey and now am pregnant with our first baby....then will see when the next race is and the next one I will finish, oh yes, I will :-)

    Take care


  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    You've probably already tried this, but when my garmin stops working, resetting it does the trick (pushing the button on bottom left side and bottom left front).

    Great run in the heat! I can't believe you were okay with just one bottle of Accelerade. I drank so much on my run in the heat and tried salt pills for the first time.

  4. heh. that's totally one of my 3 cats. I can't decide which.

    I too am concerned about foods that have to be scraped off the counter with a putty knife. How are they safe for me?


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