Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Like a Stone.

You know, after my initial 30 pound drop in the spring of 2005, I've only lost about 8 pounds, but I've gone down a couple dress sizes. Some people who I think I can trust swear to me that I'm smaller. Sweet Baboo is one of these. I know he's not just doing it to get lucky, too.
Never mind how I know.


So, Lisa and Cindy and I went to Cochiti on Friday to do an open water swim. I didn't have my sleeveless wetsuit with me because I'd stored it someplace that I'd forgotten and remember, I. Am. Lazy and besides, the lake was warm and TRUST ME when I tell you that boyancy has never been a problem, Riiiiigggghhhh?

So we're swimming, and I'm winded. Really winded, but I'm not sure why, and I'm not really motivated enough to be curious, I figure maybe I just needed more sleep or caffein or something, whatever, so I'm swimming and swimming, and I'm breathless and feel like I'm working way too hard.
And, my goggles are fogging up. Of course they are. Then, Cindy says, "hey, you should just spit on them," which I've done before, but for now I just rinsed them out a couple times and kept swimming.

They keep fogging up so at one point, I stop swimming to spit and clear them out, but here's what happened next,
well, what happened next was,

I sank.


When I stopped waving my arms around in the water to hold myself up I just went straight down and hit the sandy lake bottom and luckily, I was already holding my breath (a bad habit of mine when I exert myself) and I had held my breath in anticipation of having to tread water only with my legs, but my legs weren't up to the job because, buddy, down I went. Like a stone.

Now a lot of you tiny bird people are probably scratching your head saying, "what's the big deal? everyone sinks when they stop treading water."

Oh, no, ho, ho, they DON'T! Those of us with lot of natural boyancy (read: fat floats, muscle sinks) don't sink. I myself am used to bobbing up and down in the water like a cork.
Plus, turns out that the reason I was so winded is that because my legs keep sinking I have to kick more now to keep myself level in the water.

That's a good thing, I think. A sign of progress. More muscle, less fat, right?
But boy, you can bet I looked very hard for my wetsuit because I think I need it from now on. I wasn't planning on wearing it at Barb's race Half Iron this Saturday, but I sure am now!

That's it. Just a weird thing. All I have to say.



  1. You have described exactly why I don't like to swim in open water without my wetsuit.

  2. Definately find your wetsuit. We can't have you sinking.

    And thanks a lot for being patient with me on Friday while I was trying to convince myself that I wasn't drowning and could actually swim.

  3. Yes muscle sinks and fat floats...
    Wear your wetsuit-the sleeveless one if you can find it. :-)
    Just gives one that mental edge needed...(speaking from personal point of view here).

  4. haha, Welcome to the club. It's very exclusive, You must also have black toe nails :)

  5. If by weird you mean 'fantastic' I couldn't agree more.

    If you get 2 email messages with those words in it it is because blogger hates me and ate my comment.

  6. oh, you in trouble now, girl! Welcome to the world at the bottom of the pool!

  7. That has to be a good sign!! I need a wetsuit. I hear the water for my tri is going to be in the mid 50's. People tell me that's cooooold, but I have nothing to go on since I've never been in open cold water really. Anyway, congrats on sinking! :)

  8. Yay for sinking!

    I guess that means you should dig up the wetsuit

  9. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I knew there was a reason why most tri people wear wetsuits. I would definitely need one with my swimming skills.

  10. Fat bad, muscle good. So you sank, keep swimming, you've earned it.

  11. That is awesome!! Glad you sank.


  12. I learn something new every day...not the fat floats, muscle sinks thing...I knew that...but I didn't know you were a boat!

    I hate it when my goggles fog...I was feelin' for you the whole time.

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