Friday, July 18, 2008

I hate hills just a little less these days.

This week...

I finally got my license, sorta, and signed a contract down at the counseling center. I is all legit an' stuff.

Today Cindy and I did some hill climbs near my house...I've seen, but never climbed these hills. It was hot. I took my trusty Trek 1000 with the triple chain ring out, not testing it beforehand. I hadn't ridden this bike in about 2 years.

I don't recommend this, by the way. Especially if other people have used said bike in the interim. Turns out, as I figured out as soon as I mounted it, that it was set up for my much taller son Mini-me to ride. I could barely extend my legs to the bottom of the pedal stroke and I could barely reach the bars. But I CLIMBED those hills.

As ShyTryGirl says, do you what you hate. I used to hate running, and then I did a bunch of marathons, and now I love it. Now I hate cycling hills. Is there any hope that one day I'll love cycling hills as much as I love running them?

Both Cindy and I forgot our Garmins, and MapMyRide is being a bit, shall we say, BITCHY today and not giving any elevation profiles, but soon I'll share the elevation with you, so that you'll be aghast and amazed that I got off my fatt but and actually cycled some HILLS.

Meanwhile, in one of my many efforts to economize, I've switched over to SparkPeople (thanks to TigerLily who told me about it). Both WeightWatchers are pretty good, but SparkPeople is free, and also includes a gentle nudge toward a more balanced diet. I've been trying it for nearly a week now, and I have to say I'm impressed - gives you lots of options. Apparently the founder of eBay, after selling it falling buttz over heels into money, started this because he wanted to do create a website for people to help them lead healthier live that would be free. You get points for doing various things and I'm a sucker for my finish medals will testify.

I've started doing upper body weight stuff: side laterals, front raises, tricep extensions, and shoulder presses, crunches, something called the "plank" and pushups. I do these twice a week, for about 40 minutes now. I think I have pretty good swim form, but my upper body is pretty noodly. I tried a "plank" and nearly passed out when I got to 60 seconds of it.
However, I am proud to report that I can the following:
Two. Whole. Pushups.

Not the girly ones, either.

After posting this, I'm going to finish packing for the La Scorchita, which starts tomorrow night at midnight in Fort Worth. Because I am all kinds of crazy these days.



  1. are you going to do the 100 push up thing? the hundred push ups training program

  2. Thanks for sharing SparkPeople - this is great! Another good free site is - if you like that type of program, it looks pretty good - but doesn't give you trophies!

    Good luck on your run this weekend. You will have to let us know how the hill training works out - I hate (HATE) riding hills - but I do them anyway.

  3. OMG, I just checked this month's weather for Fort Worth - please tell us what it's like to run in an Easy Incinerate Oven.

  4. Good luck on La Scorchita. Enjoy it?

  5. You rock. Baboo rocks. You guys own the South West.
    Have fun running the scorcher.

  6. You are just a bundle of energy...

    climbing hills, running ultras in the heat, posting, push-upping...and being quirky about the whole lot.

    The plank is HARD...and 60 seconds is a long time to hold one. Great job. Pretty soon you will be adding a "zero" to that "2" in the non-girly pushup number!

    Best of luck at your race this weekend!

  7. When I no longer have to pay for WW meetings I'm definitely going to switch to Sparky, everyone loves it. Sounds like you are liking hills more already :) Congrats on your license!!

  8. Congrats on being 'official'!
    And on the pushups. Have fun at La Scorchita :)

  9. If only I had a Sparkperson to come and weigh me it would be perfect! Best race vibes.

  10. Your pictures are an inspiration. I hate the plank too, but they sure do my stomach good. keep it up!

  11. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Great job on the hills out there!

  12. Hills and planks and pushups, oh my! Good luck with the race.

  13. Thanks for the SparkPeople suggestion! I'm having a lot of fun with it!


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