Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Long, Boring Post in which I think Out loud, mostly.

Now I remember why I don't spent a lot of time cycling around Rio Rancho.
There are these breaks in the roads...and I think they "fix" them by carving out a deep V-shape, filling it withrubber that sinks. So about every 10 feet or so you tires go WHUMPbump! I can feel the nuts and bolts shaking loose every time I try to ride in the neighborhoods around my house.

But anyway. So I've been DREADING this ride - it's very short, but intense. (I kept it short once I realized I'd left without my flat kit.)

But it really wasn't as bad as I've been fearing. I like to think that this is a trend - that things that look horrifying will actually not be as bad because 1) At least it's not 112 miles of hills, and
2) maybe I've actually progressed.

But anyway.

In other news I've decided to make my old Trek 1000 into a girly fast commuter. I figure that as I conquer my fear of hills I don't have much more of an excuse not to commute by bike. I mean, it rarely rains here, so I don't have much of an excuse. Plus, I'll get experience changing flats. I've never really changed one. Someone always stops and changes it for me. I know how, in theory.

But anyway. So the ole' Trek for commuting. Well, I have the lovely Pistachio, but as it turns out, she is an 8-speed 50-pound steel beast, lovely to look at but for hills and speed, Not. So. Much. The Trek 1000 would be an awesome commuter, given that it's quite a nice road bike and has a triple chain ring.

It's currently mostly silver, with some blue here and there. My goal is to fix it up with girlie accessories, and I'm going to make it a fun challenge by not spending money. How to do that you ask? Well, it involves starting with some of the insane amount of books and such that I have in the house and selling them on Ebay.

My goals are: new saddle, new saddle bag/flat kit thing, bar tape, bottle cages, and perhaps some decals and, if I can pull it off, a paint job. This will challenge me to get rid of a bunch of old crap, and as we all know, people. Will. Buy. Almost. Anything.
On ebay.

Things I already have: fenders, rechargable headlamp, a very cool commuter helmet with winter kit, rain cover, and rear red tail light. I can also borrow the cushy saddle off the lovely Pistachio temporarily which also has a tail light built in.

This winter, when I can't commute for a couple months because, not only am I Optimistic and Stubborn, but all of this is trumped by my general Cold Weenie-ness. I may just bat my eyes at DreadPirate and get her to show me how to strip down my bike and get it painted.

My idea is green and pink and I'm sooooo not interested in knowing that you think that sounds ugly. Thanks.

Let see how much stuff I can sell...



  1. That is an awesome idea!! Not only will you get rid of crap around the house, but you'll get a nice benefit out of it by riding. I'm like 2 miles away from my house, so it's silly that I'm not riding to work. It's just so industrial around here and really dangerous to be riding. Boo.

    Can't wait to see your ride!

  2. That cruiser is hot but I would probably only want to ride along the boardwalk by the beach. I guess that's why they call them beach cruisers, huh?

    Green and pink are a fine combo. Blinging up your bike will be both fun and useful.

  3. Just wondering how far a commute you will have. I only have a 10 mile commute and have done it a couple of times. My challenge is getting everything to work with me such as a curling (which I could buy one to keep at work), my lunch which could spoil on the way, clothes to change into and hygiene things like deodorant. Mostly, I can't seem to get myself organized to do this on a routine basis. I also don't have the safest ride, but it isn't that bad.

    Being from St. Louis, I have weather issues such as rain, intense heat in the summer, extreme cold in the winter - also have cold weenie-ness - we never know what we will get. But anyway...I want to try and get motivated into doing this. So please, provide pictures of your ride and how you have overcome any challenges.

    Thanks. (great idea!!)

  4. I forgot to add that as always, you continue to be an inspiration not only in what you do, but in the way you go about achieving your goals.


  5. I want a wasabi color Like a snake...wasabi snake.

    But no pink...
    But anyway...I think it sounds cool. Pink is cool, when it's paired with green.

  6. A pink and green bike sounds pretty cool and it will most likely be unique to you. Good luck with getting your books sold on eBay, you have some fun motivation to do so.

  7. Hey, you've got a bid!

  8. I love the pink and green. too Cool. Do we get before and after photos?

  9. hummmm, pink and green? Don't forget to pack a light rain jacket because it DOES rain in the afternoon! Sportz Outdoors has some really nice ones on sale right now.

  10. That sounds like a great project!!! Definitely take before/after photos.'ve been nominated for an award:


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