Sunday, August 24, 2008


He's done. I took tons of pictures and tiny little short videos, which I'll string together at some point and make a slide show out of. He finished at 9:30, meaning that he ran/hiked/walked 100 miles in 27.5 hours.

There was very little phone service, and I never knew when I would have it. Internet? Fugettaboutit.

Yes, his feet hurt. Yes, I was concerned. It was a long and emotional night for me, and for him, as well.
He (and I) will post more after a couple days. Right now, it's time for sleep/pizza/laying horizontal.



  1. He is a man among boys for sure.
    Big congrats for getting that done.

    I am sure his feet do hurt and they have good reason.

    Amazing. Stupendous. Incredible. I don't know where to stop so I just will.

  2. He amazes all of us!

  3. Excellent!! That was a VERY good time for a first 100 miler. Please pass my congratulations along to Baboo or Mr. Geek Girl..
    Recoverite is a great product from Hammergel, if you have any. It took the spastic sudden cramps out of my legs that used to happen to me after 100's (or near 100s.)
    Don't be worried if he can't sleep much. Usually you are too jacked up even though exhausted after these events.
    Again, very impressed, very cool performance!!!

  4. Very cool! Congrats to Baboo and to you for being with this crazy 100 miler! (And I mean "crazy" in a good way!)

  5. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Amazing!! Great job Baboo!!!

  6. thanks for the update.. Give him a big old Bear HUG for me..

    Great job.. Awesome.. I'm sure it was a long night for you.. Great job crewing as well.

  7. Yay!!! That is a really long time to spend running and he stuck it out! I'll bet the 2 of you look exactly like those little kitties right now.

  8. Just amazing!

    Congrats Brian, on an amazing accomplishment! Just another addition to an already outstanding resume of events!

  9. Yay! Big congrats to him, and to you for being out there supporting him!

  10. Great job!!! I spent the weekend wondering how he was doing and anxiously awaiting the updates. Glad to hear he finished with such a nice time!

  11. congratulations Team SBGG!

  12. I think it's great you were able to be there for him during this experience!


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