Monday, August 18, 2008

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I've been watching the Olympics these days. It's interesting because 4 years ago, when it was on, I didn't watch it. I could have given a rat's ass. But now, well now I watch and I appreciate the skill, and the effort, and what I imagine is a grueling workout schedule.

When I was watching the swimmers, I was imagining that, all over the country, triathletes were gathered around TVs, their noses about 6 inches away from the screen. I imagine there's a hushed sort of excited chatter. Notetaking, even. See? See there? See how he moves his arm all the down like that?

Oh, yes--Thanks to the miracle that is Youtube and the Internet, we'll be analyzing the hell out of the swimmers, runners, and bikers, won't we?

So, but, what caught my attention yesterday was Sweet Baboo was watching the sprinters, the female sprinters. I wasn't paying much attention at the time, as I was watching a recording of the opening ceremony on my computer, but then he said something and I looked up and then, well, there it was: women who look like me. There they were: long torsos, low centers of gravity, solid bodies. Sprinters. I'm a sprinter.

At least, I sort of have the body of one. So how come I'm so damned slow? Oh, yeah, I remember now - it's that whole training thing.

So I was interested in this whole body type thing, and I looked around on it, and I found this:

174 women (in Olympic track and field events) were measured. On average endurance runners (3000 m and marathon are 4.8 years older, 6 cm shorter and 5 kg lighter for their height than sprinters (200 m and 400 m). A consistent trend of decreasing body mass index with run was observed; adjusting for height the marathon runners were 7 kg lighter than 100 m sprinters.

I also found this: To what type of sport are you suited?

So, well, obviously there's lots more to it that just "body type": estimates are that sports success is "55% nature, and 45% nurture".

But it's fun to look at and think about.

<-- Oh, BTW, here's my commute to work (1-way). As you can see, it's mostly flat. yet, I'm surprisingly tired at the end of the day on days that I commute. I mean, whooped, head hurts trying to keep my eyes open sort of tired.

Thursday, I leave to accompany Baboo to his first 100-miler. Be sure to throw lots of blogger love his way.



  1. Will be cheering for Baboo from Ohio!

    Did you check out Jennie Reed in the Olympics? Track Sprinter who is a killer athlete and certainly Athenesque....

    Like flowers, athletes come in all shapes and sizes.

  2. As I suspected, I have no business doing any of this stuff. Thank goodness I'm a gold medal delusionist!

  3. I hear ya. I about fell off the couch when I saw the women cyclists. I look just like them. And so it all makes a lot more sense now!

    Check these photos out - all Olympic athletes and all the "perfect" body for their sport.

  4. I am definitely one of those who carefully watch the swimmers for technique insight.

    Of course I also carefully watch the women sprinters too.

  5. Yes, Look at all the sprinters vs the marathon people. All the sprinters are relatively heavier.

    Haha, That bike commute does get to you. After about 4 day's in a row I'm really,really tired!

  6. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Apparently, I'm good for nuthin!!

    Have a good, safe, and fun trip...tell baboo good luck. I'm headed over to his blog now :)

  7. Yup, I'm much more intune with the olympics now that I'm an endurance athlete myself.

    Imagine what a great base your building on the comuter miles. Base milage is the key to speed in long distance courses. Almost wish I lived farther away from work. I doubt 2.6 miles round trip does much good:)

  8. I had the same reaction about body types watching the women swimmers. My upper body is built like that and my legs hyper flex in the same ways. (I'm not remotely that fit - but it was strangely validating to see the similarities.) Travel safe and know we're sending Baboo much luck from NC!

  9. Maybe I'd do better as a weight lifter....

  10. What a great commute ride. You get over 22 miles a day just going to and from work. No wonder you are tired!

    I have to say that I am so excited about Baboo's 100 miler that you would think I am doing it. I have email reminders from my calendar popping up as it gets closer.

    So cool that you are going to pace him! It so official and hardcore I can barely stand it! *squeal*

  11. Is there a "long distance masturbation" event? I think my body type is suited for that...

    And I was TOTALLY watching the swimmers form - some of them actually have pretty poor form (usually the sprinters).

    YEAH for finding out your a sprinter!! That's great!!


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