Saturday, August 23, 2008

way better

just got an update. it's good news!

mr. geek girl just passed mile 65, and he's feeling "great". which is a great sign. He's taking on his nutrition, he feels good. only potential problem is the feets - geek girl says his feet are starting to hurt.

Really? 65 miles in and his feet hurt? That's it?

Anyway. Geekgirl is pulling a Rock Star All-Nighter to pace her man, but I'm about to turn in for the night. I know, what kind of remote crew am I?

and so, we have parting haiku:

over sixteen hours
geek man has been running and
now his feet feel bad

sending positive
healing thoughts towards the feet
not as nice as ice

I'm still amazed that
anyone would choose to run
one hundred miles straight


  1. He must be done by now. He must! Go Brian!

  2. Go SB go! Sending 'you can do it' vibes from OZ. You can do it!

  3. Much better indeed!!!

  4. DP, you are the best remote crew ever! Thank you so much for posting these. You are way more reliable than Ironman live tracking!

    It is so amazingly cool and rockstar status hardcore that they are doing this together!

    Go Brian Go!!

  5. Glad he's feeling better. & thank you so much for the Text messages!!!!

  6. CONGRATS B! That's just incredible!!!!


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