Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More on my shiny new life.

I was thinking last month about all the fine people I know at my old school who went back to work today. They reported at about 7:15 or so, and on the 12th, the kids show up. They'll have five classes each of about 30 kids. If I had not resigned, I would have spent today making 5 seating charts and writing out introductory letters to parents, writing 2 weeks worth of lesson plans, and trying to arrange my room to meet all the rules:
  • Make sure your content standards are posted where students can see them.
  • Make sure your class rules are written in font that can be easily read by non-readers.
  • Make sure all the tables (yes, table, not desks) are arranged in a way that kids can see the white board, AND the smart board, AND the television.
  • Format my lessons so that the CPS system is used (with the smart board) EVERY DAY.
A month ago, when I was thinking about this, I was wondering I was wondering if I'd miss it.

So this is how my day went, instead:

I have a morning run now on most days at 6 am. Today at 7:15 I took my kid to the same school where I used to work for cross country practice, but after the 12th, I won't do that any more.

Then I went home, showered, made myself a latte and egg-beater omelet, then drove my car to a shady spot not far from my house, and then pulled my bike out of the back and commuted downtown. It was about an 11 or 12 mile commute, and I got there early, time enough to look over charts and such for the day.

My commute is about 40 minutes. It's a flat dedicated bike trail along the river. Then I turn in and head down a few nearly deserted side streets, past a coffee shop, and then at the counseling center, park the bike in a storage room, and change out of my shorts. Most of the people downtown are used to cyclists and drive pretty slowly there anyway.

Today I had a full day of clients and it was definitely challenging, but not the kind of challenging where you take lots of deep breaths to avoid throwing things at people; it was more the problem-solving kind of challenging.

At the end of my day, I got home later than I used to, but again: that commute, along the river, which provided a lovely 40 minute buffer between work and home.

Is this my new life? Well, I'll take it, thank you very much.



  1. I wish I lived in New Mexico near you guys. You make everything you do sound fun and exciting. At this point in time I don't know any other couple that are enjoying life more than you guys.



  2. Congrats on fully embracing the "new"!

    Also, love the picture.

  3. You had me at Egg
    Sounds lovely.
    Congrats on enjoying yourself.

  4. How nice you can ride your bike to work! Being able to skip the car commute is such a blessing. I've been able to walk to work since we moved last summer and you just can't put a price on that sort of thing.

  5. Sounds lovely and sane.

  6. I like the sounds of the shiny new life!!

    Love the bike ride to and from work - awesome.


  7. That is just the best thing ever. Congratulations again :)

  8. What a difference-woa! that is so awesome..

  9. Sounds like my idea of a good day. I think you're going to be much happier.

  10. Sweeeeet!
    Great photos!

    I helped my husband set up his classroom a couple of days ago. It was great to be on the "other side" while teachers scramble and do their "have-tos".
    I too like the fact that I can say "no" to meetings and such and still get paid for what I like doing! :-)

  11. Awesome! I love reading about the new. It would be nice to have some time between work and home to transition (so to speak)

  12. Anonymous9:53 AM

    You seem so much happier :)

    The pics are beautiful!!

  13. The commute sounds fabulous! We are having a major uproar here, people don't want to share the roads with cyclists :( Its gone so far as one of the lccal tris was denied their permit for the bike course, that they applied for in FEBRUARY.

  14. Teaching. Damn it. I don't want to go back. Don't make me go back.

  15. You deserve it!

    I think the best thing about your day/life is that you APPRECIATE that it's good.


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