Friday, August 15, 2008

If it comes back, it's yours forever.

If you slip out the door despite all my attempts to keep you safe,

If you insistthat things are wayyyyy better out THERE where NOBODY LOVES YOU AS MUCH AS I DO
instead of here where you are cherished and adored

well, you can just stay outside for a while.

So there.


Stupid cat.



  1. Uh-oh. Has your kitty come home yet?

  2. Oh, she always does. She hovers around the outside of the door dramatically, mewing at me as though I'd thrown her out!

  3. Oh no! Glad she'll return soon :)

  4. Stupids cats! It is their way of showing you that you need them more than they need you.

    She'll make biscuits on you tonight and you'll forgive her.

  5. Stupid cats! I have someone else's cat mewing at my back door every night. I open the door, pet the cat and then close the door and pull the curtains. If we didn't live so far apart I might think it was your cat.

  6. Hate it when that happens. My male cat thinks being outside is cool. But we have coyotes in the area, so when he escapes we get to play "chase the cat" - nobody likes that game. My female is much more sensible. She knows that all good things are indoors and never tries to get out.

    Hope kitty comes home safely.


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