Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yet another well-meaning friend tries to kill me.

I think DreadPirate is in cahoots with Cindy.

A note: If you go for a run with DP, multiply all distances she "thinks" something is by about 1.4.

Then you should ask, "how steep is the hill? and the multiply that, too.

At left, my run profile, annotated with things DP said.

And yes, we were above the clouds. I'm not just being melodramatic. (Okay, well, just a little. But still. I almost DIED. to DEATH)

But it's all good. I had papas with green chili, eggs, and veggies afterwards. Yum!

And Sweet Baboo is home.


Baboo is home.



  1. omg....that is SO funny! I think I'd still be out there running.

  2. they're just trying to get you well versed in almost being killed while training...that way, you'll know how to do it right (the killing part) when you're training with someone who isn't trying to kill you

  3. Isn't that what we call tough love?

  4. I LOVE YOUR MAPS WITH COMMENTS. Your sense of humor is totally awesome.

    We all know that to be faster you have to be willing to train outside your comfort zone. I have a BIG problem doing that. Maybe DP was just helping you. She seems to roll like that and be all helpful.

  5. I know it was tough but you did not "almost die"..You will be thankin' DP during the Colorado Relay..

  6. I think she is trying to kill you. At least that is what I would think if someone made me run an extra 2 miles uphill by accident...
    Nice job!

  7. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Yes, that is one torturous run - you know you love it ;)

    That yum-o breakfast and having Baboo home is a nice reward after the hard work!

    Great job!!

  8. I really, seriously hope that people reading this aren't so concrete that they thing I'm being literal.


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