Saturday, August 23, 2008

notes from south dakoooota

hi everybody, it's the dread pirate rackham posting in Geek girl's absence. she's been sending me text messages to let me know how the Baboo is doing. thought I'd post here to tell the world. I can't call him Baboo, however. I don't call him that, he's not my spouse. I'll call him Mr. GeekGirl, that seems safe.

last message said they're in Custer. Dang, that's a ways out.

Lessee...according to the map, that's 35.5 miles out. That was a little while ago, so by now, he's probably at least 40 out. Temps in the high 70's, she saw he is doing well, she planned to surprise him with ice cream.

I could use some of that right now.

more to come, I'll post it as I find it out.



  1. Yes, Go Mr. GG!!

    And thanks for the piratey update!

  2. Thanks DPR- I have been to the site, but they don't update like badwater or western states! So thanks!


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