Friday, August 29, 2008

On not looking like a teacher (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I don't have any workout stuff to talk about today. I did some swimming this morning at Cochiti with Lisa, and then I went shopping. I went to this little place that Pirate introduced me to last month called Black and White House Market, I think. The problem is, all my clothes look like teacher clothes NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT and they're too big.

Lately, I've had a craving to be more girlie. I always said that if I got a job where I wasn't on my feet all day I'd wear cuter shoes and plus, I usually dress a little less casually in the fall. Also, I had an interview of sorts today.

So I have teacher clothes even though I SWORE I'd never dress like a teacher NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT but darn it if I didn't anyway...and then I also got smaller, but my clothes didn't, but I kept wearing them, because I figured I could just move in the buttons and it would be fine.

The goal was, you ssee, to make myself as unattractive as possible, not ugly, but you figure teenage boys don't need anything to distract them from learning Algebra; hence, little jackets and long dresses to hide any hint that there was a woman underneath that loooong, coverall dress.

And there's the shoes. Lots of sensible, plain, comfortable, low-heeled shoes to go with my uber-sensible teacher dresses. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

So put on my best, prettiest jacket dress this morning oh, my, it's just too big. Pretty, but too big. And it makes me look like a teacher, not like the position I was interviewing for. NOT THAT...WELL--you get the idea.

So I went to this place and bought stuff; and it was fun, buying girlie stuff. Then I went by where Sweet Baboo works and he looked up and said, in his good husband even voice, Hi Sweetie! Oh...You know, I don't think I remember that dress.

Which I think is Baboo code for whathaveyoudoneandhowmuchdidyouspend?

Now I ask you, how many husbands would instantly be able to tell that the wife was wearing soemthing new? Not many, I'd argue.

So, then I went to the interview.

You see, I found out during the past couple of weeks that the rate of clients who don't show up for their therapy appointments at the place where I'm working is around 40%. That means 2 out of every 5 appointments would leave me drumming my fingers on a desk. Well, I knew that I didn't paid if clients didn't show, and I knew that sometimes they didn't show, but I sure didn't know to expect that.

I'm not trying to get rich or anything, but have bills, like anyone does. I'll probably keep seeing people for therapy part-time, but I'm looking for something a little more stable in the meantime.

The interview was for a psychiatric research assistant, for a non-profit foundation that coordinates research grants in medicine for the VA. They promise I'll still have flexibility in my schedule, which is a big deal to me. I feel like the interview went well. I'll know more next week.

Then I went to Dillards to get some mascara, and it's mosty Pirate's fault that I visited women's shoes, where they were having a 75% off sale...there rest is not pretty to tell, because it implicates Pirate and if I say much more Sweet Baboo won't let me play with her any more.

He's camping with his brothers this weekend, but I suppose soon I'll hear something like, Hi sweetie! oh...I don't remember those shoes...



  1. A girl can never have enough shoes. It's the girl version of a man law.

    Buy some slinky underwear to wear with those new outfits andI doubt he'll mind.

  2. White House/Black Market is the BEST!!!! I love that place.

    A new job definitely deserves some new clothes that are not teacher clothes (NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT).

    You crack me up!

  3. hee hee hee - terrible friend I am. hee hee!

  4. I am so laughing at the dressing like a teacher comment! My mom taught special ed for well let's see over 20 years I think. I always tell her she dresses like a teacher (she is now retired) We were recently at a memorial for a wonderful educator/principle who happened to be my second dad growing up. The man was way before his time in education did things in the 70's that were un heard of at the time, but are now mainstream. Anyway I digress. We were at the memorial with the entire local school district past and present in attendance. The superintendant spoke (he is a jack ass, that is another story) and asked for a show of hands of how many were teachers, probably 200+ hands went up... they were all dressed the same! lol. I even had said it to my mom... you all look like teachers! Thought I would share that with you... not that there is anything wrong with dressing like a teacher!


  5. I have a closet full of dresses--and then I chose a profession where I wear pants everyday.
    I miss those dresses!
    It's fun to shop and wear girlie clothes. I'm just wearing re-runs these days....

  6. Oh goody! You had success at the black and white shop place. I wanna' see what you ended up with...

  7. Oooh!! Shopping!! Shoes!! DPR as partner in crime, er, retail adventures!!

  8. I have never dressed like a "teacher" fact I was reprimanded for waring my levi cords on the "Res" one winter by the nuns at the mission school.
    But I do wear comfortable clothing that can withstand magic marker and pizza sauce.

    I have continued to rebel ever since! :-)

    Teacher=Dowdy (somtimes)

  9. when i was a teacher, i swore i'd never wear theme clothes. i think i was okay. the other dress mode i don't like is the miami university parent dress: jeans (unflattering) and white shoes (what the f minus) with socks the same colour as the sweatshirt or sweater (themed, of course).

  10. I have my teacher uniform: solid color sweater and gray or black slacks. BORRRRING!

    Glad you got to get some fun clothes!

    Umm, someone (*cough* you) ran a marathon yesterday, but no report? What gives? Heard you rocked it from TWO sources now, but not a peep from you.

  11. I are a teechur, and I have made the announcement that if anyone ever sees me dressed in anything apple-themed, or with a knitted ruler on it, they are to (without pause) put me out of my misery because I have either been taken over by the pod people or taken all leave of my senses.

    I don't dress like a teacher at all. I dress like a woman and I teach almost all boys. My thinking is that if I can give off the vibe that "real women can fix computers" they might actually believe "real women can fix computers." I obviously don't dress with the boobage hanging out or inappropriately, but I also don't take pains to dress other than my own natural style. When I started teaching my mother told me two things:

    a) You need to lose weight or you'll never get a job. Where *I* work all the women are very thin and attractive. (Read: I am very thin and attractive (ha) and you are a fat slob. I have a job and you will never get one because you are not as thin and attractive as I am.)
    b) You must wear a dress every day or the students will not respect you. (Read: I am a bitch and the students I am an aide to don't like me, but I am thin and attractive and wear a dress every day so at least they respect (or are scared) of me.)

    My mother and I don't get along? Why do you ask? How can you tell?

    I rarely wear a dress, I often wear JEANS (horrors) and my kids love me, but not that way...purely in a "We have a pretty cool teacher who can subnet and convert hex and talk about WOW and she's a least we think she is.)

  12. Hahaha... I get the "I haven't seen that before too!" Too funny, and totally busted!

    I've been in a girlie mood lately too, and for some reason that shocks the heck out of people... like "OMG, you're actually GIRLIE!?!" Kinda annoying when you have to remind people that you are a girl, and therefore have the right to be girlie!


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