Saturday, August 23, 2008

positive mojo

i have now had two messages from the great beyond.

43 miles, stomach hurts

ooh. not good.

mile 56, losing his appetite.


but, it's still early. he can turn it around, he can get his nutrition sorted out and feel better. Not great, but better. He knows what he's doing -- he's very prepared. I have faith.

it's time to whip out the 100 mile race haiku:

mr geek girl runs
he is running one hundred
finish, mr. geek

it is time for the
internets to extend the
positive race vibes

dude: one hundred miles?
who runs one hundred miles and
does it all at once?


  1. Love the haikus!! LOL

    Positive karma sent SB's way from the interweb!

  2. Uh-oh. Calories are essential.

    Thinking good thoughts.

  3. Sending midnight ET positive vibes Mr. Geek Girls way. Take in the necessary nutrition. You can do it. Stay with the plan.

  4. GO BP. I know for a fact that this guy will find a way to get it done. It's how he rolls.

    I'll go in the kitchen right now and eat something in his honor. And since I'm eating in his honor, no low calorie crap either. I'm chowing something good down.

    GO BP.


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