Saturday, June 07, 2008

2008 Milkman Triathlon, race report

Two years ago, I ran the Milkman Sprint Triathlon in Dexter, New Mexico. My race report for that event is here. This race is the statewide championship qualifier for the "best of the US" triathlon series.

I was thrilled to find out that, once again, this training crap WORKS. My times, in comparison (approximate):
- - - - Swim - t1 - - - bike - - - t2 - - - run - - - total time - - results
2006 - 12:00 - 3:00 - 48:30 - - 2:00 - 42:00 - - 1:48 - 3rd place Athena
2008 - 12:00*-1:30 - 46:00 - - 1:30 - 34:00 - - 1:36 - 1st place Athena

*in 2006, I used a wetsuit. today I did not.

This is a very well run race near Roswell, New Mexico which as Baboo points out, "is trying very hard to be a real city." They have a very nice restaurant for carb loading called Pasta Cafe and a great local coffee shop called "Out of This World" coffee.

One of the sponsors is Shwans and a local dairy, so after the race there's ice-cold drinks, chocolate milk, and ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE. The trophies are milk bottles and pitchers. Baboo, who was head ref for this race, is insanely jealous of my pottery bling.

The lake is very shallow, and tastes kind of bitter. There really high winds on the course this year, at your back on the way out and in your face on the way back in. The run is HOT.

Next up: Ironman Couer D'Alene. Serious taper to commence NOW. Well, right after my run tomorrow.



  1. Congratulations!!!! One of my friend's favorite travel places was Roswell. I am SO glad he got there before he died.

    I am seriously thinking about a half Ironman!!!! I just don't think I have the patience for the full.

  2. You rock my friend..

  3. That is a solid run improvement. Congrats.

  4. wow...just look at the time you knocked off in two short years. Excellent! Congrats on your win and the only thing that is better than chocolate milk and ice cream after a race would be beer!

  5. Wow---awesome improvement! Good Feeeling heading into the taper

  6. nice podium spot! kicking it old school vs the Athenas! right on!

  7. Fabulous! Very well done!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Great race, Misty!!

    That is an awesome swim without a wetsuit. And, what an improvement all-around from the last time you did this race!

  9. WOHOO!!! Way to go!


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