Friday, June 13, 2008

Iron Tavel, day 1.

The good news for many is that a large chunk of the route for IronHorse seems to be undergoing paving. It did delay our arrival a bit, but now we're here in Ouray, Colorado, altitude 7700 feet. After driving the route, I think may try IronHorse at some point in the future.

Ouray really is a cute town, nestled into a valley along route 550. It's not really a town for vegetarians, though. I've found that to be the case for most smaller towns in Colorado. Boulder and Denver are about the only veggie friendly places in Colorado I've found. Interestingly, though, there does appear to be 2 bakeries and 2 ice-cream or candy stores here.
But I was a good girl! I bought a salad and had a Boca chik'n sandwitch with Kraft-free cheese from one of the two coolers I brought.
I'm determined not to gain my usual vacation pounds, particularly before the race. However, I'm not starving myself. Starting tomorrow, my diet will be shifting over more toward the carb side of things, instead of emphasizing protein as it has been.
So I'm eating, it's just that I'm just trying not to be a big giant pig about it. Contrary to popular belief, race week is NOT an excuse to eat like crazy. If I don't have a big workout, I need that much fuel.
Tomorrow, Sweet Baboo has planned a 3-brick workout for us in Ridgeway Lake. According to Sweet Baboo, whose been reading a CDA thread on BeginnerTriathlete, the water levels at CDA are near normal and warming up--the lake may be in the mid to upper 50s by race day. This would be awesome, because it's the temperature I trained in at Cochiti.

And as you all know, you should always train like you race! I'm posting this for all the newbies out there who missed is that last time this video made the rounds on Blogger.



  1. Ouray really is beautiful. My best friend was married there years ago.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. I have seen that video about 10 times and still laugh every time I see it. Thanks for posting it again.

  3. I'm with J-mom. That video still cracks me up. Have a wonderful "vacation".

  4. Ha! I was cracking up. Thanks for posting.

  5. LOL- never seen that video before. Sounds like your mind is in IM Mode. Great job.


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