Thursday, June 19, 2008

Iron goals.

In my attempt to allay my fears and anxieties about Sundays I've been gathering seemingly unrelated and useless facts about the conditions Sunday to add to my UBK.

Here's what I know about June 22nd at Cordy Lane.
Sunrise is 4:50. It'll be getting light around 4:15 am, if it's clear, and sunset is 8:50. It will be dark around 9:20. Thus, length of daylight will be 16 hours. Since the sun will be lower in the sky when I finish the bike, chances are I won't need a hat. SwTriGal is convinced we'll finish before sundown. Riiiiiiggghhhttttt.

I do appreciate herself's optimism. However, I have another goal in mind.

So here's my random facts:

There will be a waning gibbous moon, rising at 11:23 pm. (Hold onto that thought)

As of 6/18, the water temp is 54 degrees F (12.5 degrees C) and current forecast for Saturday Jun 22: 20% chance of showers or thunderstorms, High in the lower 70s. Maybe wind. Maybe not.

I am stoked. And terrified.
And terrified.

My swim goal: 1:45:00
T1 goal: 12 minutes
Bike goal: 8 hours, Average 14 mph
T2 goal: 12 minutes
Run goal: 6 hours, or Sub 14 min/mile

There will be a gibbous moon, rising at 11:23 pm.

My goal: Beat the moonrise at 11:23.

My goal and mantra for Sunday, "BEAT THE MOON!"



  1. Beat the Moon!!! You can do it!!


  2. What an awesome celestial goal! May the stars align to make it happen :)

    On a side note, if you don't mind taking advice from a tri-newbie, I have a tidbit for you: take time to warm up your feet after the swim! After a swim in the sub-60-degree lake in Montana last weekend, several of us had sensations of having sticks in our shoes or shooting pains running up our legs as our feet finally warmed up. Mine were numb for the whole bike, and gave me a good deal of pain when I started to run on them. So take an extra minute or two to soak them in warm water, rub them, cradle them... whatever gets them warm!

    Good luck to you!!!

  3. That's a great goal & I'm sure you will make it!

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  5. You won't see no stinkin' moon!!!

  6. Great goal GG!!

    The virtual cowbell will be ringing here!

  7. As your body is resting your mind is definitely rocking!

    To the moon!

  8. You can do this!

    I know you can!

  9. That is an excellent goal and those time/pace predictions seem very reasonable. Beat the Moon, Misty! I'll be out there howling on your behalf.

  10. Same day finish, that's always my goal.

  11. Anonymous10:42 AM

    This makes me think of the song "Bad Moon Rising"...put that bad moon in it's place!

    You can do it!!

  12. Awesome Awesome Awesome. I am just over the moon for all of you guys racing this. And I will be tuning in from my parents house to try and catch the finish!!!

    Have a blast!

  13. Good luck at CDA!

    My wife Karen and I met you at Redman in '06. Your progression since then is nothing short of amazing!

  14. Great Mantra!!!

    You can do it. Don't stop for nuthin!

  15. You go!! And then have a nice long nap with that moon smiling down upon ya!

  16. Beat the Moon! You go girl.

  17. Go Misty go! Great mantra for a great race
    isn't waning gibbous moon fun to say?

  18. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Awesome mantra - have a blast and go BEAT THAT MOON!!!!

    We'll all be watching from our positions in cyber space, so it's only fitting really!

  19. Remember, many of us will be tracking you and chanting "Go Misty! Beat the Moon!"

  20. I'll hang on to the moon in Chicago. Enjoy the race.

  21. I have no doubt you will beat the moon! You'll do great.

    I think your tattoo for this one should be like the m dot running and a moon chasing it... :)

    We'll be cheering for you both from the couch!!!

  22. Good luck, good luck! You can do it!

  23. You Can do it!
    I will be thinking of you before during and after my sprint way up here..
    You will do GREAT!

  24. Beat the moon! I love it. I can't wait to hear how fabulous you did.


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