Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bed weather training haiku

(of course, now that I'm approaching an ironman, I'll be writing more bad haiku. Lucky you.)

Who knew it would rain

here in the desert? Well, crap.

Guess I'll long swim on Friday.


  1. We raced in the desert (yes Canada has a desert and it gets hot - same race last year was 42 degrees Celsius) last weekend and it POURED and was 20 degrees. I love swimming in the rain - as long as there is no lightning. Makes the water feel warmer somehow.

  2. yea, me too. I was all juiced up for it too. It's not the's those damn tornadoes or lightening.

  3. Right

  4. Well, it was cold and rainy and windy this morning. I'm pretty sure the 60 degree water would have continued to feel every bit as cold!

  5. Weird weather here too...not rain, but under 100 for this time of year is unheard of!
    And please take the wind back...or send it further east! :-)

    Hope it clears for you guys by tomorrow!

  6. You have the best socks EVAH
    I was reading your IM 07 posts yesterday - so looking forward to cheering you on in 08!

  7. First I thought the title was "Bad Weather training haiku", then I thought it said "Bed Wetting training haiku", then I realized it was
    "Bed Weather training haiku". Hee hee, got it.


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