Sunday, June 08, 2008

About damned time.

My precious NewBalance 768s are finally available in Pink and White.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Well, I'm excited, at least.

Not exactly running shoe bling-bling, but it's a start.


  1. Very cute shoes.

    GREAT race at the Milkman. Keep it up! Tht pottery collection just keeps growing, doesn't it?

  2. You are CLEARLY at the end of Ironman training, based on the length of your blog posts. Enjoy your taper and make sure to allow yourself some chocolate at times. :)

  3. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Those shoes are hawt ;)

    I love when my favorite shoes finally come out in a color I love!

  4. Love them
    Need them
    Want them
    geezzzzzz thanks! :-)

  5. I got those shoes! Nice and comfy for people with wide feet :D


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