Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Iron dieting.

This week marks the second taper week heading into IM-CDA, and I'm working on adjusting my eating for recovery and the decrease in activity. Mmy workouts include yoga, a 2 mile swim (or thereabouts) , a short run, some spinning, and a mini-brick, including all three events, on Friday.

I've been eating like a PIG. In weight-watchers, you earn extra eating priveleges by working out. One time I ran 10 miles and earned enough to eat a half pizza. I've been careful to just fuel my workouts, most of the time, and I've lost 10 pounds.

Now that I'm tapering, though, I have to eat lighter. Right now I'm eating mostly lean protein and lots of antantioxidant foods: fruits and vegetables, soy foods, and lots of water. Next week, the calories will be shifted over to lean carbs and lots of antioxidant foods. It looks like my race weight is going to be about 156 lbs (11 stone, ~71 kg)

I'm taking in lots of electrolytes, since drinking lots of fluids without electrolytes can flush them right out of your body. With an IM coming in about 12 days, I need to hang onto all the electrolytes I can hold onto. So, I've been drinking lots of sugar-free sports drink.

PS: If you've decided to make it your mission to warn others about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, no offense, but I'm not interested. Thanks.

Not much more to say. I guess I'm a bit cranky. I'm missing my post-workout binges.



  1. Omigod, you use ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!! They can KILL YOU and they're ADDICTIVE! Not to mention MAKE YOU INSANE! (Ask me how I know!!) And the FDA only approved them because BIG FOOD HAS THEM BY THE NADS! And ALL THOSE LAB RATS THEY KILLED!!!!!

    OK, I'm done. Just had to get that out of my system.

  2. Artificial sweeteners make you comment rant on other's blogs...hee hee...(Just kidding Nancy!)

    Love that P.S. tho!

  3. SOMEbody is CRANKy!

    Sounds like taper blues to moi.

    What's your address? I am sending you some Stevia and tying to convert you to a real granola.
    (kidding really)
    Enjoy your antioxidants. Chocolate is an antioxidant, you know.

  5. I just want to know what sugar free sports drinks since I haven't found a good one...(is there sugar free Gatorade?)

  6. Hey, JWim: It's sold under a variety of names, so you have to check the package for electrolyte content. It's sold where you find the boxes of drink mixes that are designed to mix into a bottle of water. Crystal Light Hydration is one, at WalMart they also have one called Replenish. They are designed for less than an hour of workout, so you don't want to take them to a marathon.

  7. Good luck with the taper! I had so much energy last year in my IM taper that my wife was ready to kick me out (of bed).

  8. There was one I got at a run not to long ago...Gatorade zero maybe?

    Oh I know. I have the interwebs...I can look it up. AhHA! Powerade Zero! Thank god the tubes weren't clogged with all that bad torrent traffic.

    A pox on the house of anyone who feels the need to school everyone on the evils of:

    1. Artificial sweeteners
    2. Wearing an iPod during a marathon.
    3. Coffee
    4. Sugar
    5. White foods
    6. Eating after 7 p.m.

    Love it! You crack my ass up.

    (I just typed ass. Heh heh.)

  9. I seriously think I'm more hungry during the taper than when I was actually training hard. Go figure!

    Congrats on the weight loss!! That should totally help you up those hills :-)


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