Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iron body shape.

Today I went out to Cochiti and did a swim with Cindy, SW Tri gal, "Gogo" Maria, and Kathy. It was a bit colder today than it's been, but it's all good, since I'm trying to get used to swimming in the cold.

Today's workout was fueled with an almond-marzipan croissant with powdered sugar.

Um. So.


Soooo, the last couple times I went out there I'd been suffocating, not because of the temperature. It was the wetsuit. I know this now. My suit never fit properly. My shoulders would start hurting as soon as I put it on. It fit fine from the waist down, but from the waist up, it was a disaster, as though someone was squeezing my chest, keeping me from taking deep breaths.

Today, however, I wore Mini-baboo's LS Qunitana Roo wetsuit. It was much more comfy in the upper body, fit properly across my shoulders, fit properly as far as torso length, and was looser in the chest. I was able to move and stroke properly. I also put on my neoprene cap PROPERLY this time, not the way that someone (who shall be unnamed) told me to put it on, and it didn't feel like it was choking me. Neoprene booties completed the ensemble.

The fact that I was comfy in a man's XL wetsuit gives me pause, but not for long. It's all about the comfy for me, and even if I get a bit of drag, I don't care if I can swim comfortably and BREATHE. To get an idea of how much difference this makes to me: Two weeks ago my 100 meter pace it was 3:00. Last week, working hard, it was 2:45, and today it was 2:22. On the same lake.

This means, of course:
  • I am a pear, not an apple or--what was the other shape? A banana? grapes? Gorgonzola cheese? I forget.

  • I have a bigger butt than most guys my height. As well I should. Variety, you know. Spice of life and all that.

  • I have a longer torso and wider shoulders than most women who have my girth.

  • I will be able to do the swim in the glacial Lake Couer D'Alene.

  • I can do this.

  • I will do this.


  1. Bigger butts aren't a problem.

    And regarding your comment on my blog, I'm of "normal" height (5' 10.5"). I just don't have much excess anywhere, so those 10 pounds did A LOT! That photo sure is a gross one of me!

  2. Sooooo what's the cap secret?

    That's an amazing improvement in your swim! Congrats!

  3. Yes, you CAN do it! I'm very excited to hear how it goes. that's a great improvement in swim time! In my first tri, I had a wetsuit like that - was fitted too tight - no wonder I could not breathe the whole swim!

  4. Here's a link to a great article on the proper way to put on a wetsuit:

    Hope it helps

  5. Yes I think being able to breathe is the key :)

  6. Huge improvement on the swim!!

  7. Kick ass and take names. You will do great.

  8. Glad you got a wetsuit that doesn't feel like a corset! Breathing - it does a body good. I'll be following along and sending best wishes for the race.

  9. You rocked that swim girl! We have done the OW practice that is for sure-bring on the glacial Lake CDA!

  10. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Yea...I think being able to breathe is definitely a benefit when swimming ;)

    What a difference comfort really swam well yesterday!

    Oh, and I'm a pear, too...but for some reason I feel like a giant watermelon this week!

  11. Been Lurking for some time--time to come out of the closet--YOU ROCK and I can't WAIT to hear about it!!


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