Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now what...?

Thank you for joining the
Ford Ironman 2008 Arizona
If this is a new registration, an email confirmation will be sent shortly. If you have added a job area to an existing registration you will not receive another email. Please keep your current ID number for future reference. Jobs are subject to availability and you will be contacted when assignments have been determined.

Now, why would I be interested in volunteering at inaugural November 2008 Ironman Arizona? Sure, Sweet Baboo will be doing this one...along with many Outlaw buds...
I hear it's FLATTER than Couer D'Alene and Kentucky...and, of course, it is a race that sells out fast...
didja know volunteers get to sign up first for an Ironman, before the general public?



  1. Woohoo! I'm going to be there AZ to volunteer for the same reason - signup the next day!

    It is quite flat. We spend part of our year living down there and I think the biggest real hill (other than a very gradual incline heading out of town) is a bridge/overpass.

  2. Oh and do you there a good or preferable job to have as a volunteer?

  3. Ooooh you are so tricky! Well done!

  4. What area are you volunteering for?

  5. They give you three choices, so I picked:
    1) body marking
    2) swim exit (don't know what this is, but I figured it would get my out early and able to watch my peeps on the course)
    3) women's changing tent (I've always realy appreciated how well i was treated by the tent people.)

  6. Cool- I love that idea.

    Congratulations also on IMCDA! What an awesome race and what a difference from IMLOU. Following you has given me hope that an Ironman is in my future! What a great journey.


  7. I wonder if I could do this in 2009...2010? Oh, I turn 40 in 2010. That'd be cool! I hope you'll be hear to remind us to sign up next year for '10 :)

  8. That would be the rason why we are volunteering at IMWI this year!

  9. Body marking. Smart girl. There are always several bodies I wouldn't mind marking at tri's!

  10. Woohoo!! I hope to meet you when you guys are here! I want to volunteer but not 100% sure as I have a ride the day before in Tucson. Either way I will come out and cheer!

  11. I'm so excited because I am volunteering at IMWI in September.

    I'm doing:
    Gear Bag Check day before.
    Body Marking
    Finish line handing out medals and t-shirts

    I might see where else they need me once I get there.

    Have fun volunteering!!


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