Sunday, June 15, 2008

Iron travel, days 2 and 3.

So, days 2 and 3.
Saturday morning, Sweet Baboo (aka, father of the year) and I did a little workout he planned at Ridgeway state park near Ouray. The workout was a brief swim in the lake (around 50 degrees) and then short bike, and then about a 2 mile run.

I got to practice my transitions, and discovered that AFTER swimming in a lake that is in the low 50s you get used to the water, but after you get out your fingers don't Work. So. Well.
Zippers, snaps, socks? fuggetabout it. Looks like I'll be letting the wetsuit strippers do their jobs.

I also noticed that I was pretty chilled, still, heading out on the bike, so I'm taking along a lightweight jacket, just in case, in addition to my arm warmers. Also wondering if I should consider cycling KNICKERS for this ride.

This morning, we headed out to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National parks, where we did a couple of short trail runs, totaling about 5-1/2 miles for me, and a couple of short hikes, totalling about 3 miles. All of this stuff has been above altitude which means I hike energetically until my heart is about to leap out of my chest (or not so much, as it turns out) up hills and then run down hills. And I STILL exceeded my WW points for the day. Crap.

We saw a lot of cool stuff: Buffalo, Elk, bacteria mats, and geological wonders. As I am heavy into nerdly things (remember the undergraduate degree in Geology) I was practically climbing over the fence wanting to stick my fingers in the hot water, figure out what chemicals caused all those colors. And swooning, of course, over Old Faithful.

Sweet Baboo took pictures at Yellowstone. See his blog for them!

Tomorrow, we arrive in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Then the anxiety truly begins: Friday, I noted with MUCH anxiety that predicted a 70% chance of rain RAIN on RACE day, June 22nd.
Now, thankfully, they're revised their prediction for Jun 22:

Isolated T-Storms30% Isolated T-Storms,High70° Low 48°

I also checked weather underground's forecast for June 22nd:
partlysunnyPartly sunny with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the mid to upper 70s.

I think I'll take: the second one!



  1. Not sure I want to know what a "bacteria mat" is but glad you're enjoying your trip! Keeping my fingers crossed about the weather for all you IMCDA peeps!

  2. I should have said, "Bacterial mat"

    Seriously nerdly stuff. Since the bacteria thrive where nothing else will grow, they can help other life forms take hold.

    *The more you know* :-)

  3. Anonymous10:52 AM

    What a great place to vacation and get ready for the big day!

    Don't be scared, you are prepared :) Even if there's a bit of rain, at least it won't be so hot...but I'll keep my fingers crossed for no rain.

  4. Oh, I'll be wishing for good weather for you! Sounds like you are ready! I loved the father's day post, very very sweet indeed.

  5. I gave Brian well wishes and I'll give them to you too.

    Have a great Ironman and I'll be watching online.

    Enjoy the Day!!!!!!!

  6. hummm, only four days until IM! Have a great race!!!

  7. Keep breathing; keep carbo loading and enjoy the days before the event.

    You are well prepared and I'm confident you will have a great race!


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