Monday, June 23, 2008

Coeur D'Alene Ironman Race Report, P2

There's no pictures. Sorry! As soon as ASI posts them I'll be buying them, trust me, and posting them. If they make me all cute and stuff, that is. But anyway. Part 2: So, the run.

So, in T2, I put on my injinji socks, running shoes, running hat, RaceReady LD compression shorts, took some SportLegs, my bottle of hydrade and headed out. I was looking forward to the run. I assumed it would be flat.

I assumed wrong.

The race numbers they gave us has one with our first name on it, which I wore on the run. The result was that total strangers read it and cheered calling out my name. It was awesome, like being a celebrity. I highly recommend having your name somewhere on you when doing an endurance event. When you feel like you haven't got anything left, hearing someone call your name is a real shot in the arm.

I headed out onto a brief 2-3 mile out and back on the first loop and came upon a screaming group of Bloggers, including Duane, Di, and many others. That was pretty awesome! Then I came up on Sweet Baboo, who gave me a big wet kiss. Then I saw Mike, Maria, and several others throughout; since each part of the loop was an out-and-back I had many opportunities to see all my friends (who are, quite clearly, much faster than I!) including SW TriGal and Bigun.

The run wasn't that bad for a marathon, but when that marathon comes at the end of an Ironman any hill you encounter is pretty unwelcome. The big hill was at mile 8 on the first loop, and mile 21 on the second. It is long and steep and banked sharply so you feel unnervingly like one of your legs is shorter than the other. So, you march up the hill to a timing mat, watching your average pace climb as you climb the hill.

On marathons, I hit the wall around mile 16 and recover around mile 21. I'm tired, my stomach is feeling funky, and I'm sick of PowerGels. Then, a new sensation: Around mile 16, I suddenly felt like the ground was very far away and that I was very tall and running on stilts. I started giggling and realized I was a little delirious so I started taking salty broth and an ice-cold coke from every other aid station. That lit a fire under me after mile 21, and then I started running 2 minutes and walking 1. By now it was getting dark, and I took the glow-necklace they offered me.

Did you know: people late in the night at the back of the pack in an Ironman marathon are surprisingly un-chatty. This I've discovered. I would run up on someone, and start talking to them, and they grunt and just continue forward in a slow, shuffling walk. Then my watch would chime and I would run away.

My marathon time was 6:05. My Kentucky marathon was around 6:20, so I took 15 minutes off.I wish I had more drama to add, but I had a great run. I got a little tired and slow during my crash but came right back after the coke and broth. I never reached the dark, dismayed and lonely places that I reached in Kentucky. All the little nagging thoughts about how much I suck came out to play a little while I was on the bike, but then they went away as I cruised into T2, and they never came back.

As I came in toward the finish, I decided I wanted a good, strong finish, and a decent finish picture. I tried spacing myself between large groups of people who that I would be coming in by myself.

A mile out, I was choking back tears, because I was so was only about 11:00 and I knew that I would definitely make my goal. I slowed down a bit to save up for a run at the finish line. Then as I approached the arch, I saw Duane, who was yelling that I was going to beat the moon! Then, I saw Baboo with a big grin on his face running along the side with me, yelling at me that I had killed it.

Then, I was in the finishing chute running like crazy and I slapped hands with all the people leaning out and sticking their hands out and cheering. I knew that I had bested my time at IM Louisville by a little over an hour. I knew I had a big grin on my face. I couldn't stop smiling. It was an awesome moment!

and 21st Century Mom were there to catch me, and I was all giggly. I'd used up everything I had left, so when I stumbled a bit they walked me to the medical tent. Pirate said I was "loopy" but I remember just being just really, really happy. There was no more pizza (dammit) prompting me to create Iron Misty's new rule:

If you earn 114 (that's right, 114) weight-watchers exercise points in one day
doing an Ironman, they will not expire at Midnight.
You can spend some the next day, too.
And maybe the day after that.

And yes, in case you were wondering, this one "took". The naggy little voice is gone.

So do I do this? What do I get out of it?

Well, for me, part of it is the brush with greatness. I have to say, when you're doing an Ironman event, they make you feel like, well, like a pro. First off, what other sport is there where you can race side by side with pros? And have them pee on you?

Sure, everyone is passing me, and I'm at the back of the pack. But then there's the cheering crowds: One is reminded, even if slow, that s/he is still doing something that few people ever try to do. And, even when your family even forgets what day the Ironman is on, after all the hard work there are total strangers standing around screaming like crazy, acknowledging your effort.

I have to say, well, it's quite a rush.

And then there is the boost to my self esteem that comes from knowing that I worked hard for it. Yes, it pays to have nice equipment, but even the nicest equipment won't make up for bad training. I know this from being left in the dust by guys riding mountain bikes wearing baggy t-shirts and shorts who were better trained than I.
Of course, it goes without saying that I couldn't have done this without Coach Baboo, Cindy, and all the people who've been encouraging me all this time.

But it's back to reality now. I jogged slowly down the hall this morning about 10 am to get my free hotel breakfast, and my legs and feet were like, ARE YOU MAKING US JOG? NOW? ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?
Sadly, I didn't make it. The hotel had stopped the free breakfast at 9:30.




  1. You are my hero!!! Way to go - great job!

  2. Great report! It sounds like you're recovering well.

  3. So incredibly happy for you, congratulations!!!

    Not that surprised though -- your posts leading up to C'DA seemed much more confident than your posts leading up to IM Loo (yes I've been reading for quite a bit longer than that actually). ;-)

    Baboo said it best you killed it!! Bask in this accomplishment for a long while . . . . and thanks for writing such a great report.

  4. Beautiful! You earned that beautiful finish. You earned it through your training, and through every hardship you have faced and overcome. Bravo!

    I would LOVE to get together at Barb's! I will email you!

  5. Well done! And an excellent race report to boot.

  6. Thanks for all the updates from you and S.Baboo! I was watching the updates online and was rooting from South Dakota!

  7. I'm so glad that this one 'took'. It's time you put those demons at bay. :)

  8. Anonymous7:01 AM

    This made me smile big time :)

    To be "loopy" happy at the end of an Ironman is some accomplishment! And giggling at being delirious sounds fun, too. I hope to be in that kind of shape some day. Your consistent training and determination really paid off!! Thanks for inspiring us wanna-be's!

    I'm gonna download "Beautiful Day" now for my iPod :-)

  9. Way to go IronGeekGirl

    Congratulations on a great race and on exorsizing you're little nagging voice

  10. I shed a few tears reading this. How incredibly awesome and inspiring you are! This is a great wrap up to the race report. If I ever get into longer endurance events I'm going to be asking you a lot of questions about salt broth, or whatever. Sounds like it did you a world of good. So SO happy for you! Congratulations 2x IronWoman!!

  11. Great Race Misty!!! Congratulations again! I'm glad this race took. And yes those 114 points can be spread out over the next few days :)

  12. I read this at stop lights on my way to work, I got to the part about the marathon right before I got to work, which was cruelly timed, as it made me cry real tears just before getting on the elevator. "What's wrong, dear?" "Oh, nothing, I was just reading someone's Ironman race report." "Oh....." haha

    I have never been so proud and in awe of someone I've never met.

  13. So proud of you girl! You deserve every proud feeling from now and forever!!

  14. What a great race and report...congratulations to YOU!!!

  15. Congratulations!!! You did absolutely KILL it. You did great. Congrats on a very strong race. You are freaking awesome. Looking forward to pictures.

  16. I thought you looked GREAT at the end.

    I hope you went out for a fabulous breakfast with eggs and pancakes and fruit and cereal and juice and whatever else you want to eat. You earned it!

  17. I thought you looked GREAT at the end.

    I hope you went out for a fabulous breakfast with eggs and pancakes and fruit and cereal and juice and whatever else you want to eat. You earned it!

  18. Hey Misty! I've been following your blog for a while throughout your training for IMCDA and figured now was an appropriate time to de-lurk. Congrats on your great finish! As a newbie triathlete, it's seriously inspiring. Feel free to follow my tri (mis)adventures over at www.wasitforthis.blogspotcom!

  19. Thank you for a fantastic race report. I teared up at the end. My first tri is in July, but you have inspired me to think big (possibly a little too big at this point).

  20. Great race and sweet run. I know what you mean about that stupid breakfast time. Hellloooo people, vacationers don't get up by 9:30am. And if you just did an Ironman, you're lucky if get up at all the next day. They need to rewrite some breakfast policies.

  21. Anonymous3:17 PM

    I also got teary reading this. What an inspiration!

    Great job, no, hell...AWESOME, FANTASTIC job!!!

  22. thanks for the earworm. because of you, I woke up this morning, and slept last night to "beautiful day."

    thank gawd you're coming with me to vineman. I need your good juju.

  23. - This totally made me cry, but in a good way.
    - Beautiful Day is the best song EVAH.
    - I'm so freakin happy for you it's not even funny.

  24. Awesome...just awesome! Congratulations!

  25. You are awesome!

  26. It was so exciting to follow you on race day!! I probably said it before but I kept telling my hubby - she's out of the water!, she is half way on the bike!, she has started the run!! I was following three people and it was truly an experience just following you all online. My friends at the race, were calling to get updates, and I told my friend, about you and she said - I read her blog too! Gave her your number and they were looking for you! Hopefully they screamed and yelled real loud for you! Laughing my friend told me that her neck was really sore after 18 hours of standing up and watching for all the racers! We laughed cuz well we hadn't just completed what you all had, yet she was tired! too funny. maybe not so funny to you, but it was to us... Thank you for the joy of accompanying you on your journey. To say inspirational is an understatement! Phenominal job! You kicked some serious tail out there. Our couch and her hubby finished and looked great. Two on the team qualified for Kona, and a few others couldn't finish, knees just gave out. (If you wanted to know how they all did - there you go!) I am training to do an Olympic this next season then a half the year after.... full.... hmmmm I will train my butt off and see how that goes! I must accomplish my first marathon this year! Again thank you for opening up your life, can't wait to hear more of your stories!


  27. You looked great crossing that finish line!

    Congratulations Misty!

  28. Sitting on my couch with a tear in my eye and a huge smile on my face.

    Congratulations. :)

    Well done. :)

  29. I'm pretty sappy - I got all "misty"-eyed at the end as well. Great job - way to hammer through your doubts.

    Do you use a coach or a training plan? I was wondering how you went about your training.

  30. Sweet! Nice finish.

    Cannot believe they didn't serve you that free breakfast. Don't they know who you are?!?!?! Don't they know you're an IRONMAN?!?! the nerve of some people. seriously. hmmmfph.

  31. Awesome, awesome, awesome! You are amazing! Congratulations!

  32. WAY TO GO!!! You did AMAZING. Setting a PR and beating your goal. It is time to celebrate!

  33. Massive (if slightly late) congratulations!

  34. you completely rock and you are totally awesome. i love your blog!


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