Thursday, June 19, 2008

Iron Schwag.

The stuff on the left is stuff that we got when we picked up our packet.

The stuff down below is the bike kit I bought at the expo. Now I HAVE to finish; this set is too gorgeous not to be worn and I can only wear it (in my mind) if I actually finish this thing.


  1. Forgive the Tri newbie, but will you actually use all the transition bags, is it normal at a tri for them to give you a bag for your gear that will be used for each transition?

  2. Just hours away from beating the moon, now!

    (It is gorgeous kit!)

  3. Awesome bike outfit - love the green!
    Have a great time tomorrow - we'll be watching for ya!

  4. You did it!!!!! I was tracking you all day - wonderful job! You have no idea how inspiring your blog has's made me think I may attempt an IM next year :)


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