Thursday, July 31, 2008

More thoughts on a shiny new life.

I'm up early because I woke up wheezing, and as anyone with asthma will tell you, once you've used that inhaler, sleep is elusive. I'm a bit, shall we say, Jittery? And I'm listening to this song from Scrubs.

I went for a run yesterday morning, a 5K easy run since I'm doing Barb's race on Saturday and I'm all about the taper. (I may not be all about the training, but I'm all about the taper.) So, it was dawn when I started out, and during my run I realized I can do this a lot from now on. I love morning runs, but they were a logistical impossibility in my previous life (as a teacher, I didn't have to be at work until 7:10 am, unless I wanted, like, a parking space). Then there were those mandatory 6:30 am parent-teacher meetings or staff meetings.
Being a teacher, for me, was a lot about being treated like a child, with an ever-present lack of autonomy and trust in my abilities.

Last week I panicked a little on my first day, when I started going over the files of my new clients, thinking,
But then, I sat down and started writing out treatment plans, and the best part of it was that I was doing that in my kitchen, and in a coffee shop, and at WholeFoods waiting for DreadPirate to join me for lunch, and also in the doctor's office while Mini-baboo got his athlete's physical, and it was fine.
In fact, it was better than fine! it was challenging and fun. It's what interests me, DUH; it's what I've been studying to do for several years. Treatment planning is somewhat similar to lesson planning, except I have much more autonomy because now, it's assumed that I'm a professional and know what I'm doing so I'm not micromanaged.
That's what the panic was about last week: that sudden loosening of restrictions that have been so firmly in place for the past 9 years are suddenly gone. And now, well, now I have get to think for myself.

My new job starts about 9:30 am. I could start later, but I only get paid for each client hour. After I signed a contract to work there, they started assigning me clients at an average of one every two days. I'll have a full roster soon. But I'll still have time for a morning run.

I am a morning person. I'm up early. I hate to be rushed, too, so I'm wildly excited about my new life in which I could work out for an hour or so in the morning, shower, get some coffee, then ride my bike to work. I am giddy at the thought that I can do this 3-4 times a week. I'm thinking about doing my first 50-miler next year, and when you start getting to those distances it's all about weekly volume. The skipping-of-the-weekly-run-and-then-just-doing-one-long-run-on-the-weekend just won't cut it.

And, it's a relaxed run. Just a run, for the love of running. And doing something for a living I will love even if it occasionally frustrates me. The occasional craziness of traveling for a marathon or triathlon, without having to call in "sick" and get permission. And let's not forget that they actually are glad I'm working there.

Ah, so this is how it feels to be a grown-up who likes their job! Who knew?



  1. Congrats. I am so genuinely happy for you. Loving your job and having it fit into your lifestyle is awesome. That's how it should be. Not having to create your lifestyle around your job.


  2. Thats great that you have a job that you love and still gives you the time you need to train.

  3. Congrats on the new job and joining the adult community! It really is nice being able to ride into work - at least parkings not a problem :)

  4. Liking ones' job is ALL about the autonomy and creativity you can bring to it!(At least it was for ME while I was working, and it still is on the days I work!) Cool that you have all that at your fingertips in your new position!

  5. Anonymous5:33 PM

    It's so great to hear that it is all working out for you - I loooove my morning runs - sets up all kind of nice endorphins for the day.

    Now, if I can just sort out my pathetic job, I'd be happy too....

  6. Oh darl I feel your happiness! Hurrah for doing something you love!

  7. Sounds VERY cool.

  8. what a feeling. I love my job in the same way and there is nothing like it. It makes the non -work time even better.

  9. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I'm happy for ya!! It sounds like you are really happy with how things are going in your life :)

  10. If you're using albuterol, try xoponex--similar but without jitters.

  11. Wow...looking forward to reading how it goes. I'm moving from teaching high school to teaching at a community college this year...sorta like your switch...much more autonomy and not being ruled by the bell.

  12. I truly admire you. I've grown to despise my job and my career in general over the last few years. I disagree with the fact that we have to decide what we want to be for the rest of our lives at 17 when even our favorite color changes from day to day. I am envious of your new job. I've always wanted to help people and have my own schedule to be able to do the things that make me happy.

  13. Wow....I am so in awe of you. I don't think I have ever left you a comment, but I have been "lurking" in your journal for a while now. I am so impressed with your accomplishments. When you decided to change your life, you went for it, full throttle! First the losing weight, and the running, now your job....I hope to one day comment to you and say "guess what? i did it, too! I lost the weight, and I am doing what i love!" Just know that you are such a help to those of us out here who sometimes think it is hopeless! :-)


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